Foxflash Read and Write Renault Sirius 32 via Bench or Boot?

Foxflash user report:

Renault Ecu Siemens Sirius 32
First attempt to connect with boot mode following the pinout of manual with no success.

Second attempt manual enable boot mode and now i can read flash 29f200 but i have message error in writing.
Finally i connect ecu with pinout of ktag plus add a +12v supply to acc2 ecu pin and now i read and write ecu perfectly used Full system only bench.
Bench mode
Read flash ok
Write flash ok
Immo off ok

Foxflash Sirius 32 Ecu 1 Foxflash Sirius 32 Ecu 2

Bench Pinout

Renault Sirius 32 Bech Pinout