Autel IM608 Toyota 2022 ECU Software Not Supported Solution


Anyone able to do a 2023 Toyota RAV4 Smart Key with Autel IM608? I keep getting this error message when trying to back up immo data.

Error “The current smart main ECU software version number is not supported”

Autel Im608 Toyota Rav4 Ecu Software Not Support


Doing smart box reset. Go to add a key after reset, and it will ask you if you want to use APB112, say no and it will prompt you to program and you can turn ignition on, you will get this message every time when you try to back immo data on any new toyota smart keys or if you try and do all keys lost by using analog key.


If it is a BABA need to hook up 30 pin connector.

You can also use the gbox with just jumper wires. All it does is connect power ground and Can H & Can L to the smart box, and allows you to back up immo. depending on the smart box, you sometimes need to move one of the cables according to the wire diagram.

My friend also did one 2023 rav4 hybrid with xhorse xm38 reading immo fine, oh, try keep pushing and releasing start/stop button on this stage, obdstar prompt this, not Autel, and he then try the same with Autel on this car and it worked, but may have some using a different ECU which will need a obdstar 30 pin cable to connect to smartbox. I did a 2022 rav4 Prime using that.




I was able to complete the job. I ended up doing smart box reset like method 1 above.


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