Autel IM608 Failed to Calculate Mercedes W211 AKL Password Solution

Used Autel IM608 on Mercedes W211 2002, several attempts and always after 4 minutes an error “Failed to acquire data” .

Autel Im608 Mercedes W211 2002 Akl 01


Look at the connection among Autel IM608, Mercedes W211 2002 and XP400, as well as the software operation.

Autel Im608 Mercedes W211 2002 Akl 02

Autel Im608 Mercedes W211 2002 Akl 04

Autel Im608 Mercedes W211 2002 Akl 05

Autel Im608 Mercedes W211 2002 Akl 06

Autel Im608 Mercedes W211 2002 Akl 07

Autel Im608 Mercedes W211 2002 Akl 08

Tips on Mercedes All keys lost password calculation with Autel IM608:

1, You need an Autel G-box2 (buy separately or buy the bundle kit with G-box2)

Autel Im608 Mercedes W211 2002 Akl 09


Actually, it’s Mercedes isn’t really all that bad if you took the autel training they had, it did a fantastic job explaining everything about Mercedes and autel and the necessary steps required on each immo system. Most ppeople don’t understand that you gotta use the gateway you also usually need to renew the eis and renew the ignition itself in order to successfully make a Mercedes key!! Maybe not on every Mercedes some are easier than others but those two things not being done will ruin any chance of certain Mercedes being able to make a key. I suggest getting the Mercedes breakout box with different connectors for

Each body style and it’ll do a lot as far as make things easier one of them even essentially has a g-box installed into it I think keyless factory made that particular one.


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  1. Check Internet connection, looks like you are having internet connectivity issue.

Go to your internet connection

Then click advanced options

Change DNS to

This will open the internet path. Sort of similar to opening a 2 lane highway into a 4 or 6 lane highway


  1. Also, if you don’t use Gbox. You will be inserting the Autel APB112 Smart Key Simulator up to 900 or more times. I have personally seen 1020 insertions so far on 1 car.

We prefer to use vvdi prog or similar with EIS adapter for those

Much faster. Approx 4 minutes.

Will read data and also pass at same time within seconds.

Or simply solder 6 wires and read all data in seconds

Well worth the extra work

Autel Im608 Mercedes W211 2002 Akl 10


  1. In bench 10 min easy, Take the EIS out, takes 5 minutes and it will work on bench with gbox, no problem, Just did 2001 e320 3 days ago. Only 2 minutes calculate.


  1. You need GBox2. And if that does not work, then the EIS is faulty and needs to be repaired/replaced.