How to Install and Activate ODIS-S V23?

How to: install and activate VAG VW Audi Skoda Seat ODIS Offboard Diagnostic Service software V23.01?



Where to get ODIS-S?

Download free here (does not include activation)



Does it require activation?

Yes, requires activation by keygen.

$5 for activation


What device does it work with?

• VAS6154 genuine devices
• Multi J2534 Passthru (SVCI 6154, Openport 2.0, Godiag J2534Xhorse MVCI ProVNCI 6154AVXDIAG VCX SE 6154Autel MaxiFlash JVCIJVCI+MaxiFlash EliteMaxiVCI V200 etc)


What’s the operating system requirement?

• Windows 10 (ODIS Service 23.0.1 works only on Windows 10 or more)
• Installed libraries (DLL) for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010: vcredist_x86.exe
• Installed Visual C++ Redistributable x86 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010: vcredist_x86.exe
Internet Explorer 11.0
• Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 11 or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
• Font „Arial Unicode MS Regular
• CPU minimum 2GHz recommended
• RAM >= 4 GB
• Free hard disk storage > 40 GB, standard file system NTFS
• The software uses standard windows installation paths


How to Install ODIS-S V23 software?

Step 1: Install ODIS-S V23 Setup
Open ODIS-S 23.01 folder
Open OffboardDiagSetup-Service-23_0_1 folder
Extract OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_23_0_1.rar
Install ODIS-S setup
Select setup language
Wait until the setup installation is completed

Install Odis S V23 1

Install Odis S V23 2

Step 2: Activate ODIS-S 23

Open 2.Patch& License folder
Copy plugins and OffboardDiagLauncher files from patch folder, paste and replace them on Win11ProW X64/Program Files/OS folder

Install Odis S V23 3

Install Odis S V23 4
Run OffboardDiagnostic on desktop as administrator
It will ask for an activation key
Send the hardware ID to, we will send you back the activation key, press Register

Install Odis S V23 5

Step 3: Install PostSetup

Open 2.ODIS-Service_update_23_0_1 folder
Open ODIS-Service_update-23_0_1-EU_20230711 file with Winrar
Create a new folder to E and extract file to disk E

Install Odis S V23 6
In PostSetup select from file:/E:/ODIS-Service_update_23_0_1_EU_20230711 folder
press Next (don’t need to input user name and password)

Install Odis S V23 7
Select PostSetup language
Wait until postsetup installation finished

Install Odis S V23 8

Step 4: Copy license
Copy the “license Standalone” folder to C:/ProgramData/OS

Install Odis S V23 9

Install Odis S V23 10
Copy shortcut icon in the “Desktop” folder to desktop

Install Odis S V23 11

Install Odis S V23 12

Step 5: Install Driver
Open 5.Driver folder
Install driver for the corresponding device.

Install Odis S V23 13
For example, install VX Manager driver for VXDIAG VCX SE 6154
Connect the device with the laptop via USB

Install Odis S V23 14

Install Odis S V23 15
Check if the device is well connected in the Device Manager
Run VX Manager, check device is detected
Install or update 6154 driver

Install Odis S V23 16

Install Odis S V23 17

Step 6:
Run the corresponding software icon on desktop, i.e VW ODIS-S V23

Odis V23 Software


NOTE: If you cannot activate ODIS V23 after receiving the activation license key (error handling the license), that’s because you didn’t copy plugins and OffboardDiagLauncher files in 2.Patch & License folder and replace them toWin11ProW X64/Program Files/OS folder. (Check Step 2 above.)

Vxdiag Odis Error Handling The License 1


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