Free Download GM DPS V4.51+ DPS V4.52

What is GM DPS?

DPS=Development Programming System

DPS and GlobalTIS do very different things. Its GM’s version of Aflaobd and forscan. not exactly, but it lets you change settings and stuff (removing HMI theft lock,  changing VIN and PIN in GM modules etc).

DPS software used by general motors technicians to develop software for GM motor, Opel and Vauxhall vehicle electronic modules. To complete any form of programming using DPS, you will need to acquire the corresponding calibration files and custom DPS scripts.


What scanner is needed to go along with the software?

Scanmatik pro2, GM MDI2, VNCI MDI2, VXDIAG GM etc

You can try running GDS2 diagnostics with it first – if everything works, your tool is fine for DPS too.


Where to download GM DPS Software for free?


Software version: DPS V4.51

Free Download GM DPS V4.51

Software including:

DPS V451 Software

Working perfectly and 100% virus free.

The DPS v4.51 activation certificate will expire in 2024.

This version does not have access to network security validation facility for Global B.

However you need special files (scripts) for DPS to make it possible. These are not provided with the installer.


DPS Release Version 4.51.00 [June 2022]

(1)     New IECS access module.

(2)     Key provisioning bulk unlock.

(3)     New DIDs in GCI.

(4)     Removed capture dialog.

(5)     DoIP stability improvements.

(6)     General application improvements.

Gm Dps Software

Gm Dps Software 2 Gm Dps Software 3


Free download DPS V4.52

Free download DPS 4.52.2000

DPS Release Version 4.52.2000

(1) New J2534 and DoIP logging features.

(2) Windows 7 support ending.

(3) New key provisioning error messaging.

(4) Updates to Onstar special request method.

Gm Dps V452 1 Gm Dps V452 2

Free download DPS 4.52.1000

DPS Release Version 4.52.1000

(1) Updates to Help->Installation->Get Status to improve debugging.

(2) New certificate handling helpers for invalid certificates.

(3) Changed NMF (wake-up message) for CAN 2.0 / CAN FD to use 12 byte non-padded frame under ISO15765.

(4) Added additional SAE FD messages for message flags and API errors.

(5) Separated device IOCTL calls for devices that do not support terminating resistors for CAN FD.


Free download DPS 4.51.0000

DPS Release Version 4.52.0000

(1) DPS now uses SAE J2534 CAN FD.

(2) New IECS server URLs for key provisioning and secure unlock.

Password is written in file name.


Credits to user Arbe, Fantomel and others who uploaded it in the forum.




2020 Corvette K56 Gateway Programming with VNCI MDI2 & DPS