What Tool to Read and Write Porsche EMS SDI8 ECU?

How can i read Prosche Continental Siemens VDO SDI8 ECU? What tool can be used? Is there a way I can read on bench or by OBD in car?

Porsche Sdi8 1

Here is the clue.



Not supported, foxflash team is developing this ECU.


CG FC200:

Not supported, only read/write SDI6, SDI7 ECUs


Launch X-prog3 or Launch ECU Programmer


Launch X431 x-prog3 and PC software will read and write Porsche Cayenne 2007-2018 SDI8 TC1796 ECU on bench.

check wiring in Launch software.

Launch X431 Sdi8

Porsche Cayenne Sdi8 Launch X431

Flex: Yes
Software V4.5.0.0 update Bench / Boot for VAG Simos 8.x and Porsche SDIx
Function: Porsche Continental SDI8 Bench: Read/Write/Checksum IntFlash, Read/Write ExtEeprom

New protocol 015 adds Porsche Siemens Continental SDI8 TC1796 on Bench

Magpro2 X17
Porsche Continental SDI8: OBD KWP Read / Unlock / Write / Checksum / Recovery


CMD: Yes

virtual read by OBD


Fgtech Original: Yes
FGtech EOBD2  supports the Siemens-Continental SDI8 ecu in Benchmode. It will be possible to work on the bench on Porsche 4.8L motorized vehicles safely and quickly.

♦ (Flash+Eeprom) ♦ (Chk) ♦ (Recovery) ♦ (Clone supported in Bench)

List of supported vehicles:

– Cayenne 92A / 958

– Panamera 970



Kess V3: Yes

Kess v3 will remap Porsche Cayenne and Panamera equipped with Continental SDI8 ECUs.



Kess v2 software V2.21: Yes.

only original tool can do it.

From now you can read and write via OBDII SDI6, SDI7, SDI8, SDI9 CAN ECUs equipped on petrol Porsche: Panamera, Cayenne, 911 Carrera, Boxster, Cayman.
Kess can only do SDI8 with “Virtual Read”, and therefore you need Online Access to Alien-tech.



Pinout for Porsche Continental SDI8 irom TC1796

Porsche Sdi8 Pinout