OBDSTAR “Valid Upgrade Time of Software Has Expired” Solution


OBDSTAR tools (x300 dp plus, x300 pro4, p50, odomaster etc) free software update has expired, after renewing software subscription, device still failed to update.

Error “The valid upgrade time of your software has expired”.
Obdstar Valid Update Expire

Here is the working solution from obdii365.com.


1. Log out User Center, log in with user name and password again, run software upgrade.
2. If not working, Go to Setting, uninstall DiagProgram, log in with user name and password again. Then run upgrade.

Do as following:

Click on Home menu, go to Settings->Apps->DiagProgram

Obdstar Clear Dp 1

Obdstar Clear Dp 2

Obdstar Clear Dp 3

Obdstar Clear Dp 4

Uninstall Updates

Obdstar Clear Dp 5

Obdstar Clear Dp 6

Obdstar Clear Dp 7

Log in obdstar again.  It should be fine.