Top Tools to Clone Renault 3120 ECU

What tool to read full micro and eepron Renault 3120 (SAK-TC1738) Simens Continental ECU for cloning or decoding?

Pcmtuner Ems3120 Renault

Here’s the clue.




Only obd flash is supported with pcmtuner module 22. Obd in car with key. Engine must be cold and you must keep IMMO inactive during reading and writing module 22.

If need to clone ems 3120 you need to enter boot mode.

There’s a password on the boot.

Here is the boot pin to Renault EMS 3120.

Pcmtuner Ems3120 Boot Pin

*PCMTuner Module 53 BSL instruction.

No chance to read by bsl 53 this car have all key lost.
If you lost your keys, you have to use boot mode with other tools.



2. Combiloader

Combiloader released a plugin for Continental EMS 3110/3120/3125/3150 Renault cloning.

You can find right pinout by pressing F1 in combiloader.




3. Dimsport

Dimsport will read full eeprom and flash of EMS3120.

Pinout Continental EMS3120 irom TC1738 Renault

plugin 1363

Dimsport Renault Ems3120 1 Dimsport Renault Ems3120 2 Dimsport Renault Ems3120 3



4. Hitg2 key-card emulator from cartools

Ems 3120 with hitg2 key-card emulaotor from cartools will work 100%. People have done for 2015 duster.
Need CANlogger to store ISK in emu, many ways to find isk ,upto u. No flash-eeprom editing.




DC706 will soon add Renault EMS3110, EMS3120, EMS3125 cloning in boot.


Pinout and instructions will be updated soon.