Free Download BMW ISTA-P Standalone

Here comes the free BMW ICOM ISTA-P Rheingold standalone software by mega.


Brand: BMW
Version: [07.2021]
Capacity: 25.3 GB
Languages: Multi-Languages
Region: All Region
Additional Information:  ISTA-P with ISTA-P Loader 6.4

Description: Program for reprogramming electronic control units for BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce cars.



No password. Test by your side.

ISTA P 3.69 Standalone Download 1

Description: BMW ISTA P Programming and coding Software Version This is the very latest version covering all 2021 manufactured BMW’s. This is the platform used by BMW dealerships for programming, individualization and encoding of BMW vehicles.


Computer Requirements:
Windows 7/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
2.2Ghz CPU (2 core minimum)
4Gb RAM (8Gb Recommended)
100GB for ISTA-P (Programming)


BMW scanner recommended:  VXDIAG VCX SE BMW, BMW ICOM Next, Godiag V600 ICOM

If need BMW ISTA-D as well, check ISTA-D 4.39 + ISTA-P 3.70


How to use ISTA-P standalone?

Just unzip the ISTA-P files and loaders in the correct directory. If you have installed, then use loader 6.6.

Use ista-p loader then you get screen automatic search location.


How to install & activate ISTA-P 3.69 standalone step-by-step?
BMW ISTA P 3.69 Activation 1

Run BMW_ISPI_ISTA-P_SYS_3.69.0.200 as administrator
Agreement license agreement

BMW ISTA P 3 69 Activation 2

BMW ISTA P 3 69 Activation 3
Install ISTA-P until finished

Run ISTA-P Loader 6.4 folder
Open 3.69 loader error fix folder

Copy and paste TaurusAdministration file to C:/ISPI/data/TRIC/ISTA-P/BMW/Administration/TaurusAdministration folder

BMW ISTA P 3 69 Activation 4

BMW ISTA P 3 69 Activation 5

BMW ISTA P 3 69 Activation 6

Run BMW ISTA-P Loader
Paste activation key in the Activation Key-Loader V6.4L text

BMW ISTA P 3 69 Activation 7

BMW ISTA P 3 69 Activation 8
Copy and Paste BMW ISTA-P Loader to C:/ISPI/data/TRIC/ISTA-P/BMW/Administration/TaurusAdministration folder

Run BMW ISTA-P Loader in this folder
Select Automatic Search and save

BMW ISTA P 3 69 Activation 9
Select language and save

BMW ISTA P 3 69 Activation 10

Run software

BMW ISTA P 3 69 Activation 11

BMW ISTA P 3 69 Activation 12

You can send BMW ISTA-P loader shortcut to desktop.