Where to Get Xhorse VAG MQB AKL Sync Data?

Where I can get VAG MQB AKL sync data for all key lost?   This is mostly asked questions of Xhorse VAG MQB license as well as other MQB devices.


1. Thru email that is recommended by xhorse

there is a e-mail that responded fast and asked sync data for there 60$ cost and get data less then 3min.

Made MQB Skoda Octavia 2018 all keys lost.
Tested VVDI Prog and VVDI key tool plus read MQB dashboard. If someone doesn’t know then there is a e-mail what responded fast and asked sync data for there 60$ cost and get data less then 3min.

email address: sync_data_calcu@qq.com 

Vvdi Key Tool Plus 2018 Octavia MQB AKL 3 Vvdi Key Tool Plus 2018 Octavia MQB AKL 5

Another 2019 build year Skoda Superb akl situation made today. vvdi prog won’t read this cluster. You can get both immo data & sync data to make key 160 euro (same email above).

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Skoda Superb 2019 Akl

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Skoda Superb 2019 Akl 2


2. Thru weChat

You can also contact  Xhorse engineer and they will send you 3rd party link and you may need to make Wechat account.  This leaves you with needing to only buy the sync data for a lower cost. 

Method 2 user working experience:

Made today 2016 VW Passat all keys lost with xhorse vvdi prog and vvdi2.

$200 to add the MQB function.

Sync data cost 80usd PayPal and it’s done.
All contact xhorse give if asked or look, there is even link to third party contact, just need to make Wechat account and there is 4 different guy who is making.
No risk, it wasn’t the first time. It is done by cutting the track, and after reading the solder track back.
If you don’t like to lift the mcu leg so there is track cutting option, then no need to lift the leg at all. Look wire description, there is a and b wire.

Vvdi Prog 2016 Passat Akl 1

Vvdi Prog 2016 Passat Akl 2

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Method 1 & Method 2 are recommended. It is cheap and fast.


3. By Launch X431 IMMO Plus/IMMO Elite tablets


Launch X431 x-prog3 has an integrated mqb2 calculator.  The MQB sync Data calculator built into to immo software. You don’t need to obtain sync data from 3rd party.

You need to read the modules

Instrument panel CS code 16 bytes
Ecu 16 bytes CS code
Tcu 16 bytes CS code
ELV 16 bytes CS (if present)

Then you will get sync data for free.

Launch X431 Mqb Calculator 2


How to Calculate MQB Sync Data with Launch X431 Built-in Calculator?


4. From facebook.

1). There is a guy @MQB car providing MQB car service immo data and sync data calculation.

Scan QR code here to reach him.

Vag Immo Sync Data

2). Mr. Marcelo Korenfeld from Argentina also does this service. He provides both immo data & sync data.

mqb calculations
 only immo data for copies or those who make their own syncro
only sync for those who have the Immo data and they do not want to read the rest of the modules
immo & sync
Armed sync by cs
Delivery time
Inmo data only: from 0 to 6 hs
Sync or inmo & sync: 24 hs
Sync by cs : Immediate

Contact: +5491131802010



There is another guy on Facebook- “Hani Hattab” (Eng hani hattab)

He also calculates sync data very fast. Even calculate some that do not have original factory key IDs.



4. Thru aliexpress. There are sellers in Ali providing sync data calculation services.  $600-800 per calculation. (Not recommended)





Here are some frequently asked questions about Xhorse VAG MQB license:


Q: 200 activate then each car how much or each 200?

A: no just one time and can use the service life time.


Q: Does this work per car or it’s a yearly, monthly, weekly or daily activation.

A: The license has no limitation to cars, it is lifetime license.


Q: Can give clear picture of dash work?

A: Check dash type and wiring diagram here

Xhorse VVDI Prog MQB48 NEC35XX Wiring Diagram


Q: Does it work with vw virtual now?

A: Yes, if the processor and wiring are the same as in vvdi prog.


Q: I have activated the license to my key tool plus. Can i share license to vvdi2+vvdi prog? they all combined in the same account as my key tool plus.

A:You buy license to each devices.
this license is not for share between others devices bind to account,
Key tool plus also decode only that data what is read itself, from other – you can not,
VVD2 can decode data only read over vvdi prog serial number what you provide to be activate,


Q: Can we do mileage too or is it just for immo functions?

A: It can do both immo and mileage.

Xhorse Vag Mqb Mileage

Q: With johnson control on bench?

A: Yes, can read JCI immo data on bench. Need to remove dashboard.



Q: is it worth buying the MQB new update for the vvdi key tool plus/vvdi2

A:  Yes its worth it you will still need 3rd party but you will pay 100-120$ (or less) but its better then pay 530$ every time.


Q: Can it do Vw golf mk7 5g 2013 key blade all key lost Dashboard Johnson control by vvdi2

A: Yes if the processor maches.



Q: in MQB, does AKL need to pay the data calculation fee separately?

A: Yes, AKL requires sync data from 3rd party.


Q: if I bind vvdi2, vvdi prog, keytoolplus, if I buy MQB activation do they activate all the tools?

A: no, You buy license to each devices. this license is not for share between others devices bind to account.


Q: Buying this license allows you to do a complete loss of keys to mqb directly from the device?

A: Yes, but AKL requires sync data from 3rd party.



Q: So here is support to read Jonson Controls eprom and immo data with working key or not?

A: Yes sir, this feature now supports reading Jonson Controls eprom and immo data with working key.


Q: Need to read the cluster with vvdi prog everytime?

A: If use vvdi2 you need to read immo data with vvdi prog.  Once you get immo, you can re-learn key with file. As for vvdi key tool plus, it will read immo data and decode file itself.



Q: Does it support VW Crafter 2020?

A: depends on processor type



Q: I read immo data with vvdi key tool plus. Everything looked good but when you load the file (which is about 3.2meg) I get an error saying “this file is not supported by current module”.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Vw Polo Mqb48 6

A:  If had this error, better post the serial number and take a video of decode your dump, so xhorse engineer will check how you doing the calculation.


Mostly this is because wrong file is loaded.

you select wrong file.

Take a look little explanation

Key Learn :
1 – when file is read – it will save a file such as MQB-LOCK(xxxxxx),this is programmer file.
2- then procedure will upload the programmer file to server
3- few min later device dowload immo file such as MQB-IMMO-XXXXXX.bin and save
4- when make dealer key, load this IMMO data file

Reset KM to 0:
1- load file (flash)
2- then input the km , if you already read the programmer file ,you load the MQB-LOCK(XXXX) ,then procedure upload this file to server
3- download file MQB-SERVICE-FILE-XXXXXX.bin
4- Device automaticly jump into write file procedure
5- if programmer write failed, you can choose the last option, load the MQB-SERVICE-FILE-XXXX.bin, write again.

Clone immo/ clone cluster :
1- Select Modyfi immo data option
2- Select immo file and MQB-LOCK(XXXXX) programmer file
3- upload these two files to server
4- Server return file MQB-SERVICE-FILE-XXXX.bin
5- write back new file to cluster


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