How to Change the VIN Number in the CAS3 Module?

Model example: BMW 1 series E87

CAS type: CAS3+ mask 0l15y

Swap: the former owner swapped engine from N46 to N45


He bought a DME and CAS unit at a disassembly with the so-called all keys lost. Program the keys to it and start the car. Later the car drove up to the garage under its own power to trim the VIN numbers everywhere.

Then let’s go, change the VIN in the DME module, everything is simple here – WinKFP and everything is fine (check How to change VIN in DME by WinKFP). at the same time the software was updated. But with the CAS module it is already more interesting.
We had a CAS3+ 0l15y chip mask here. WINKFP and Tool32 won’t help us here.

There are 2 VIN numbers in the CAS module.
The first is the “master” – VIN, that is, the full vin number, which we will talk about changing.
2nd – the so-called UIF – is easily changed with the help of NSC-expert when editing the configuration (FA).

The master VIN, the certificates are the usual VIN, just register it on the table and everything will not work out – the next byte after it is the checksum, it is recalculated to the point of ridiculousness – by any HEX editor of the programmer you work with (you can check it on xprog , xhorse vvdi prog etc).
Edit this byte in addition to VIN and everything works)
If you just enter vin without correcting the checksum, you will get mileage 999999 and the red dot that remains burning.

Change Bmw Cas3 Vin With Vvdi Prog 1

Everything you need is highlighted in the photo.

Change Bmw Cas3 Vin With Vvdi Prog 2

In the photo below F6 – checksum.


Yanhua Mini ACDP can be used to change VIN on CAS3 module as well.

Go to BMW->CAS1-4-> ICP mode->Data Renew

Yanhua Mini Acdp Change Vin Bmw Cas3 1 Yanhua Mini Acdp Change Vin Bmw Cas3 2 Yanhua Mini Acdp Change Vin Bmw Cas3 3 Yanhua Mini Acdp Change Vin Bmw Cas3 4


What you are doing is at your own risk, when working with immobilizer module on the table, you always have a chance of damaging the module, both physically in cases of improper connection, static voltage, crooked programmers, and again doubly crooked programmers, because in addition to reading this procedure, this procedure also involves writing a corrected dump, and if your programmer does not read the data correctly, then you have every chance then turn to other people for help in restoring.