KT200/Foxflash Read and Write SID206 via OBD or BDM?

How to read and write SID206 ECU with KT200 or Foxflash? OBD or BDM.



Ford SID206

SID206 Ford both yes work fine obd and bdm.


OBD mode:

OBD tested working on many models, Mondeo, Kuga, Tourneo, C-max etc all tested working fine.

Read and write obd okay.

Read/Modify file/Write, OBD checksum with KT200/Foxflash ok.

If failed to auto checksum, counted with winols (for example Kuga).

Kt200 Ford Sid206 1

BDM mode:

SID206 BDM read (18 minutes)

Kt200 Sid206 Bdm 1

Kt200 Sid206 Bdm 2

BDM mode pinout

Foxflash Volvo Sdi206 1

Foxflash Volvo Sdi206 2

To read and write use the following driver:
→ MPC55x/56x



Volvo SDI206

OBD need luck.

Volvo C30 SID206 OBD Correct ECU selected, Read doesn’t work

Volvo C30 Sid206 1

Volvo C30 Sid206 2

A lot of volvo are missing kline from ecu to obd port. You can do them on the bench in obd mode.

also, dual can connection cable is only needed for edc17 in some volvo.

try obd bench mode pinout

Kt200 Sid206 Pinout

If failed, try BDM mode.