KT200 High vs Low Quality PCB

There are 2 different quality KT200/KTM200 ecu programmer boards. And they are slightly different. One has a crossover board stuck to the back of the board and the other one does not. Looks like there have been revisions between them. The newest one was better quality soldering but looks like 2 chips have been hand soldered on and jumpers set differently.

*There is no 3rd revision KT200 PCB. The picture with no green pcb board was an unprocessed pcb. All devices included green small pcb (decrypt module).

One with cross overboard in the back is of very poor quality. One without cross-over board is a revision and is of better quality.


Good quality one (2nd revision)

without crossover on back. Better soldering also.

Kt200 Pcb 1

Kt200 Pcb 2
Low quality with crossover (1st revision)

Kt200 Pcb Low Qulaity

Kt200 Pcb 1

The poor quality kt200 won’t even i.d certain modules. Sometimes the toolboot option is useless as it won’t work at all.


Where do you recommend to buy a well made kt200?


Always buy from an authorized dealer. Don’t look cheap.

Obdii365.com have KT200 full and basic version with high-quality boards.

KT200 Basic Auto Version

KT200 Full Version

It can do a full backup of edc15 (flash+eeprom) by pinout. No need to open and boot mode which is a rare feature. It has some functions that even my genuine kess3 and Autotuner doesnt.

Kt200 Box


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