Free Download KT200 All Module Info and Wiring Diagram

Here is software for ALL module information and wiring connection Diagrams for KT200/KTM200/ECUTuner ecu programmer.…-MGdZI8RnEJust extract to local drive and open documents.htm

KT200, KTM200, ECUTuner are all made by the same manufacturer, then sold by distributors/resellers who can brand and label how they want – but all connect to same server.
With DOCUMENTS.htm you can easy search ECU and wiring instructions
KT200 Document
The download link also contains more than 1,400 ECU wiring diagram pinouts in PDF format.
KT200 Document 2
Buy the way, KT200 also do VR virtual reading.
VR is not possible from KT200 software. But they provide own software (ECUHelp) for access to the files.
You can read ID and download VR files from ECUHelp program.
Without VR a lot of OBD reading isn’t possible: BMW F series, PCR2.1, DCM 6.2V, EDC17C46/64/etc, all Denso on diesel Toyotas.
But on the plus side most of those ECU’s are benchable with the tool, which saves the hassle of correct software ID’s, Partial vs full flash VR files etc.