Disable 2019 Cayenne S Auto “Start/Stop” with Autel MK906BT

My Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT diagnostic scanner arrived today. This kit is huge.  You will see my older iCarSoft set inside next to this.

Autel Mk906bt Porsche

I was able to easily disable the start/stop feature from my 2019 Porsche Cayenne S. Other Autel Maxisys tablets will do this as well. MK906 is cheaper.

Auto start stop Deactivation Procedure:

These are the steps.

1. Selected Porsche
2. Use Auto-Bin to automatically process VIN (Needs to have key in second position, with engine off)
3. Diagnosis
4. Auto-Scan
5. DME (Engine Electronics)
6. Coding
7. Coding without rules
8. Coding
9. Modify values below
10. Write values
11. Exit to home screen

After 8, and there was some waiting to do, I was presented with a table of fields.

There were two important fields that needed to change.

Original Field Names Values

“Block07 start stop” “Present”

“Block 08 start stop last mode” “Default On”

I first set the fields “Block 08 start stop lastmode” to “Last Mode” and it gave me an error message saying to check on conditions when I tried to write it.

Then, I set the “Block07 start stop” to “Not available/coding..” and it was successful when I tried to write it down.

New Field Names Values

“Block07 start stop” “Not available/coding..”

“Block 08 start stop last mode” “Last Mode”

I used to have the “Start/Stop” icon on my main home screen to be able to manually disable it, but after the updates, it is not there anymore, and the “Start/Stop” feature is not active any more.

It worked for me, but you are on your own, since too many things can happen..

I really despise the auto “Start/Stop” feature, to the point that I will not buy another Porsche if that feature is not remembered, or disabled, after a restart.

Autel Screenshots

Autel Mk906bt Auto Start Stop Porsche 1

Coding screens:

Autel Mk906bt Auto Start Stop Porsche 2

Start/Stop feature disable and removed from main screen

Autel Mk906bt Auto Start Stop Porsche 3

I also coded windows/sunroof open and close with key fob, and disabled some of the annoying chimes with the autel mk906bt.


All for the autel diagnostic tablets, there are annual fee.  Only advanced functions such as ECU Coding/ Programming functions will be limited if not renewed because to code/ program a new ECU, that requires access to Autel online server, if the one doesn’t renew the software, he can’t access to Autel server data to process the coding or programming. The subscription fee is charged by Autel.  The MK906BT yearly subscription takes $460.