Kess V2 Clone vs PCM Which is Better?


I wonder if the pcm is more reliable than a kess v2 clone?
Kess V2 Vs Pcmtuner
Here’s the clue.
It is like a tool of 2020 vs 2005. There is not enough going back.
  • Kess v2 v5.017 clone = old cars, old protocols, less support, hardware need reworked.
  • Kess V2 just OBD, less of CAN and Boot mode.
  • Pcm = modern cars, good support, updates, good hardware.
  • PCM supports OBD, Bench and Boot 3 modes.
  • Kess v2 clone no update
  • PCM is upgradable, the next update will be MG1 MD1 though release date TBC. They have a plug work with pcm hardware, you can update in your old pcm tuner.


Kess v2 ksuite car list (without upgrade)
PCM car and chip list (keep updating)


We have customers feedback the pcm tuner works well very, can support most of ECUs, never crash, all professional, fast, quick support, total available to help by Teamviewer online support or technical support in WhatsApp app.
The software is the same as the original pcmflash, pcmjust cracked the dongle nothing changed in the software, with an original scamatik its safe like the original. You can save a lot of money
In sum, the choice is yours, in this business you need many tools. Kess v2 clone red pcb has been tested working by many. It is good to have both for beginners who want to join ECU chip tuning.


If you have your kess v2 or ktm bench etc software installed, better install pcm on another Windows 10 operating system to have the best performance.