Can Autel IM608 Calculate Renault Duster 2021 39 Digits PIN?

Can anyone calculate the 39 digit pin code of a Renault duster 2021? Autel MaxiIM IM608 asks for PIN to program a spare key. IM608 says it will do Duster 2018 onwards.

Autel Im608 Renault Duster 2021 Pin 1

Autel Im608 Renault Duster 2021 Pin


Autel IM608 cannot calculate PIN on 2021 Duster yet.  You have to obtain 39-digit PIN from a third party then program a smart key card.

It is not a matter of gateway adapter. It cannot be read even with the 12+36 gateway adapter.

You need someone to sell you the code because it is rolling code and changes every entry and exit.

If IM608 can calculate PIN on some Renault (i.e Renault Clio V 2020), it will ask to connect a specialized gateway adapter before operation.

Lonsdor K518ise Renault Gateway Adapter

Autel comes out 16+32 Nissan/Renault gateway connector.

Autel Renault Gateway Adapter 1

Autel Im608 Renault Clio 5 Ask For Password 2

OBDSTAR has the Renault gateway adapter and was tested working with Autel.

Obdstar Green Adapter