Can Hextag Clone VAG Audi MED17 EDC17 ECUs?

Can Hextag clone Audi MED17.1.1 ECU? Does the immo and everything transfer or is there something i should worry about?

Hextag Clone Audi MED17.1.1 1

Hextag Clone Audi MED17.1.1 2

Hextag Clone Audi MED17.1.1 4

Bench mode no go, error 16a-

Hextag Clone Audi MED17.1.1 3

Boot mode getting this error




For some yes , VAG with OTP protection forget it. Forget clone method but several people can transfer those things into another ecu.

Hextag can transfer data but VAG ecu’s have immo in OTP portion so even after transfer the data from one ecu to donor, have to sync immo in donor ecu or make immo off from donor ecu flash to work.

The OTP sectors are in the processor, not the eeprom. Swapping eeprom DOES NOT work for med17. You need to transfer/modify data.

Need flash and eeprom of both ecu’s to generate new eeprom with valid immo-data and write it back.

In VAG Group MED17 Or EDC17 ECU never one to one clone at any tool. Best solution is to transfer immo-data from original (mac-cs -vin and pin … ) to donor ECU and start your car.

BTW, the KTM200 can also read and write MED17/EDC17 without opening ecu shell and costs half less than hextag bdm programmer.