Read BMW EDC17C56 with Ktag, Hextag, VVDIProg, AT200 or PCM-FLASH?

BMW F series EDC17C56 has GPT lines. It is not possible with Kess v2. Which tool will do and is there some other scheme to follow?


Tools that can read/write EDC17C56:

1). Ktag

KTag genuine read this perfectly. Ktag 7.020 clone works like a charm with GPT cable.

Done on 320d (US “328d”, with EURO6 components), GPT boot mode works correctly on china clone. My tune works very well too. I have done multiple flashes during testing and tuning. A little slow, that’s all. Enough time to grab a coffee.

Today I managed to complete the reading of this ecu to be able to read it I had to use the following pinout:

boot mode cable with cables follow this list
pin 1/18 red cable + 12V
PIN 02 GND black earth cable
PIN 56 CAN H white cable
PIN 55 CAN L green cable
Gray cable crocodile clip boot point marked by ksuite
In the bdm / jtag slot insert gpt cable and insert orange cable pin 89
pin 92 yellow cable

Ktag Bmw Edc17c56 1

Ktag Bmw Edc17c56 2

Ktag Bmw Edc17c56 3

Ktag Bmw Edc17c56 4

If you receive a communication error with the control unit try to put the gpt on the mainboard.
Ktag Edc17cp56

and check the cable too for the GPT ones again.
2). Hextag
BMW EDC17C56 is supported by Hexprog in following methods:
  • Factory Mode (On Bench): You Don’t need to open your EDC17C56.
  • Boot Mode: You need to open the EDC17C56.
  • OBD Mode: Tuning/Modification can be done without dismounting EDC17C56 from the vehicle.
OBD Details of BMW EDC17C56:
Virtual Read
OBD Write
Special Functions on OBD
You can read/erase faults codes
You can backup/restore coding
EDC17C56 full reading without ecu opening
Edc17c56 Hextag 2
Edc17c56 Hextag 3
Edc17c56 Hextag 1
3): CG AT-200 or the upgrade version FC200

AT-200 will give you pinout connection

check AT200 or FC200 boot loader reading and password reading wiring digram


Real test

At200 Read Bmw Edc17c56 1

Add EDC17C56 (ADAPTER) options in <10-BOSH-ECU-ADAPTER>
But VVDIProg can only read edc17c56, cannot write this ecu.
Check VVDI-prog EDC17C56 wiring diagram
BMW ECU EDC17C56(TC1797)


reads perfectly, for example reading a bmw x5 edc17c56

Pcm Read Bmw Edc17c56 1

Pcm Read Bmw Edc17c56 2

There are some other programmers that can read it no issue, for example, CMD Flash, VF2 Flasher
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