CG FC200 In-depth Review (ECU List, Guide, Diagram, Update, Price)

CG FC200 ECU Programmer ISN OBD Reader worth the money? Depends on what is the main purpose of your buy. Could be useful for BMW ISN from ECU or for some ECU cloning (4200 ECUs /EGS as claimed and more are updating…).


CG FC200 Package list:

Cg Fc200 Review 01

CG FC200 main unit (There are 3 expansion ports for peripherals)

CG FC200 Adapters (Vehicle-grade wiring harness)

B-type, C-type, D-type, F-type and G-Type pin interfaces

CG FC200  obd2 cable (mainly suitable for BMW B48/B58 ECU at present, read ISN via OBD without disassembly.


CG FC200 Price: $686



CG FC200 Update:

free Update Online for 1 year, subscription is $150/yr

If the annual subscription is not paid, CG FC200 can be used continuously, but the functions that need to use the server are not available, such as data calibration.


CG FC200 ECU/ EGS clone list:

More than 4200 ECU types are covered, and 80% models in the market.



  1. No need to open shell, no punch, protect original parts of the vehicle.
  2. CG FC200 access to engine and gearbox, currently mainly engine.
  3. CG FC200 supports the ECUs produced by Bosch, Siemens, Continental, Delphi, Marelli, Continental, TEMIC and other manufacturers, but more ECU by Bosch.
  4. CG FC200 can read the domestic ME17 computer, it depends on the model, such as ME17.8.8.


CG FC200 ECU Programmer Pinout Wiring Diagram:

364 items in total in this article


CG FC200 Clone Mercedes ME17.7 Hybrid Engine on Bench:


CG FC200 BMW GT535 Bosch MEVD17.2.6 TC1797 N55 Clone:


CG FC200 Clone VW Bosch ME17.5.22 ECU on bench (CN):


CG FC200 Audi Gearbox DL382 Clone on bench (CN):


CG FC200 BMW F Series 6HP EGS Clone on bench:


CG FC200 VS Kess Ktag:

CG FC200 can clone over 3000 BMW ECUs like KTAG + Kess, Kessy, Dimsport, etc.

One user feedback: I did 17c50 and checksum did online…need wait for a 10seconds

..have to check for VR


CG FC200 BMW ISN Code reading list and operation guide:

Works with all BMW series (including Mini)  ECU ISN code acquisition, it is necessary for all keys lost programming and immobilizer fault maintenance. Quickly solve the problem for data collection of BMW all key lost.


Look at the ISN reading authorization:

Cg Fc200 Review 02

Cg Fc200 Review 03

Including BMW models MSV90/80/MSD87/85/81/80 (E series, F series) and

Mercedes-Benz SIM271 ECU.

N13 / N20 / N55 / B38 / TC17X F series chassis.

BMW F020 and G series S15 models B48 and B58


For how to use CG FC200 to read BMW ISN Code, refer to CG F200 User manual


CG FC200 Read BMW MG1CS003 B58 DME ISN (CN):


CG FC200 Software download and installation:


Firstly, please download the software and install it into one computer. (Software -> Software download -> FC200)

Open ” FC200 _V1.0.0_Build_210805″;

Select language from any of English, French, Spanish, Polish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

Cg Fc200 Review 04


Click on “Next”;

Click on “Install”;

Click on “Finish”;

Cg Fc200 Review 05


FC200 is installed successfully, open the red icon to open it.

Firstly, click on “Setting” to reset the language, font size, display mode, display style etc.

Cg Fc200 Review 06


CG FC200 FAQs (10 questions and answers):

Q1. Is the data read out encrypted?

A1. BMW: MSD80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD87, MSV80, MSV90 encrypted;

Mercedes-Benz: SIM271DE, SIM271KE encrypted;

The other engine and gearbox computers are not encrypted.


Q2. Can the fault code be shielded?

A2.Yes, so far CG manufacturer does not provide data modification, maybe it will update in the future if the customer needs.


Q3. Can a power upgrade be done?

A3.Yes, so far CG manufacturer does not provide data modification, maybe it will update in the future if the customer needs.


Q4. Is the data automatically calibrated?

A4. The ECU data of the Bosch series supports automatic calibration.


Q5. Can CG FC200 clone BMW MSV90 engine computer?

A5: Yes, it can.


Q6. In what mode does CG FC200 operate?

A6.No need to open the ECU box: via OBD, on bench mode.

Need to open the ECU box: BOOT mode.


Q7. Can CG FC200 renew the gearbox computer?

A7.No, it can’t. So far it can only read & write the data, and clone the data. Maybe it will update in the future if the customer need.


Q8. Can CG FC200 inactivate immobilizer.

A8.It can inactivate immobilizer for Bosch MED/EDC17 series engine computer.

If it is other models, it may be added in the future if the customer needs.


Q9. What is removing TPROT?

A9. Remove the adjustment protection.


Q10. Does it need to be connected to the Internet during operation?

A15. Yes, it needs.


Alright, if you are now interested in CG FC200 now, I give the link below: