Launch X431 PAD VII: In-Depth Review

In this Launch X431 PAD VII review, we tell you all about this high-end diagnostic tool. Designed with professionals in mind, Launch X431 PAD VII has a powerful combination of all systems diagnostics, key programming, ECU coding, and advanced maintenance services.

If you are looking for a super practical scanner tool for your garage or automotive shop, this is the product for you.

Let’s dive right into what the Launch X431 PAD VII has to offer.


Launch X431 PAD VII Overview

This tablet auto scanner revolutionizes the way you diagnose vehicles. With a large screen and an optimized chipset, intelligent diagnostics is faster than ever. The scanner supports ECU programming, key programming, and over 30+ special functions.

Launch X431 PAD VII boasts dynamic HD cameras for all-around viewing. Not to mention its dual WIFI connectivity, which means it can maintain fast, stable connections during diagnostics.

To make things better, PAD VII is designed for module increase. You can add a scope box, a sensor simulator & multimeter, a video scope, TPMS tools, a wireless battery tester, or the X-Prog 3 for ECU and key programming cloning.

To learn more about those older versions, you can read this detailed review of Launch code readers and scan tools.

Alongside the Launch X431 PAD VII, is the SmartLink All-In-One VCI. It helps you to perform pass-thru programming, not to mention remote diagnosis. Hence, you can perform scans from thousands of miles away thanks to the SmartLink VCI.

What you’ll like most is that it comes with all the necessary connectors. That includes an OBD1 connector if you require to diagnose vehicles made before 1996.

But before we continue, let’s see how the Launch X431 PAD VII stacks up against its competitor, the MaxiIM IM 608 Pro.


Launch X431 PAD VII Vs. Autel MaxiIM 608 Pro

Both Launch X431 PAD VII and Autel MaxiIM 608 Pro are high-end devices built for professionals. If you find yourself weighing between the two, you’ll want to know that Launch offers a more user-friendly gadget. The PAD VII has a much bigger screen which makes interpreting the results fast and easy.

Both scanners can use a J2534 pass-thru programming device. However, Launch X431 PAD VII allows you to add seven modules to improve functionality. It can also perform ECU programming out of the box. That’s unlike the Autel model that needs to pair with the J2534 ECU VCI.

The Launch X431 PAD VII runs on a 19000mAh battery, while the Autel MaxiIM 608 pro has a 15000mAH battery. You’ll get more juice out of the PAD VII than the IM608 Pro.

One thing worth noticing is Launch X431 PAD VII provides users with the option to purchase additional software in “Mall” in their app, includes heavy duty, Tesla software, etc while IM608 Pro does not.

PAD 7 has full ADAS capability while im608pro has limited capabilities for ADAS.

Therefore, if you want a flexible device where you can add functions as you like, Launch X431 PAD VII is our recommended diagnostics tool.

  Launch X431 PAD VII

X431 Pad Vii

Autel MaxiIM 608 Pro

Im608 Pro

Product Dimensions 13.89 x 9.29 x 2.79 inches 11.87 x 8.66 x 1.97 inches
Item Weight 29.76 pounds 15.47 pounds
Screen Size 13.3 inches (1920 x 1080 pixels) 10.1 inches (1920 x 1200 pixels)
OBD2 Diagnostics Full Full
System Diagnostics All systems All systems
Advanced Service Functions (Special Functions, Reset Functions) 30 + advanced service functions

Reset & Relearn Services


ADAS Calibration Function

Injector Coding

Coolant Bleed

Tire Reset

AIF Reset

Nox Sensor Reset

Electronic Throttle Relearn

8 Extended Module Functions

31 Advanced Service Functions

Oil Service Reset

Parking Brake Pad Relearn

Battery Registration and Reset

Active tests

Crankshaft Position Variation

TPMS etc.

Coding/Programming Yes (Advanced Coding and Programming).

Online programming for select vehicles without online account (Benz, BMW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Porsche, Nissan/Infinity, etc and keep updating more vehicles).

Yes (advanced ECU coding and programming with J2534 device).

Does not have built-in BMW and Mercedes online programming.

Vehicle Coverage Full system vehicle coverage for domestic and imported cars, medium & light-duty vehicles (110 brands).

Optional heavy-duty vehicles diagnosis.

95% of all 1996-2021 cars, SUVs, and light trucks. Including OEM diagnostics for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep.


Launch X431 PAD VII Detailed Review

Professional Design and Hardware

The PAD VII is a uniquely designed device for the busy automotive repair and maintenance shop.

First, it comes with three carry handles. The main one lets you hold it comfortably. There’s another area on the back where you can hook the device onto the bottom of the vehicle. The third is an adjustable kickstand that you can use to lay it at an angle or hang it by the steering wheel.

The device itself comes with a 13.3-inch touchscreen. It uses gorilla glass that is scratch-resistant. It also boasts reduced reflexivity and smudging. The tablet has a front and rear camera and multiple ports for various cables and connectors.

Launch X431 PAD 7 is bundled with the SmartLink VCI for remote diagnosis. The – diagnosis function happens in real-time over Wi-Fi.

Equally important is the precision-machined outer shell. The device meets an IPX5 waterproof rating, plus it can withstand workshop hazards such as dust, moisture, and impact from falls.

Since it connects over dual Wi-Fi with the VCI, you can always count on it for speedy, stable connections. On top of that, software updates also happen wirelessly. To this end, you get free updates for one year.

Launch X431 Pad Vii Feature 2

Full System Diagnostics

Launch X431 PAD VII is a powerful all systems diagnostics scanner. It can read and clear DTCs from the engine, transmission, suspension, ABS, airbag, ECS, SRS, Body, and all other systems in a vehicle. With the topology module mapping function, PAD VII can check DTCs and all systems communication status visually.

Launch X431 PAD VII performs intelligent diagnostics. It detects the car’s make and model automatically. As a result, it will identify the VIN, the system, and retrieve information automatically from the server. After which, it will guide you to the vehicle information page. Hence, you don’t need a step-by-step menu selection.

But in case you’re not connected to a network, it still allows you to input the vehicle information manually and continue with the diagnostics.

This gadget also displays real-time voltage, which helps you observe the voltage conditions in real-time. What’s more, it also allows you to read live data streams in graphic form. It will enable you to see repair information and training video modules to help track and fix issues fast.

Launch X431 Pad Vii Feature 4


Advanced Service Functions

Beyond the all-system diagnostics, Launch X431 PAD VII gives you access to over 35 service functions. These include DPF regeneration, service lamp reset, battery reset, electronic throttle, and sunroof initialization.

Not to mention, Nox Sensor reset, gearbox reset, AdBlue reset, and language change. A unique feature is an option for manual or automatic reset service lamps.

You can also configure the Launch X431 PAD VII as a professional TPMS service tool. When paired with the X431 TGSUN device, you can activate tire pressure information, program the tire pressure sensor, and perform TPMS relearning functions.

Another optional advanced service function is performing Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) calibration operations. You will need the ADAS activation card to access this function.

Finally, this scanner has an IMMO service. You can now perform anti-theft key matching for vehicles that do not have this system by default.

Launch X431 Pad Vii Feature 5

Bi-Directional Controls, Coding, and Programming Abilities

As we said, this is a high-end scanner. You can send commands to a car and read data coming from the device. PAD VII provides access to vehicle-specific components and subsystems.

For actuation tests, you can perform pump and valve tests, EGR tests, fuel pump, injector buzz test, cycling the A/C, acceleration device test, solenoid valve, tank ventilation, and many others.

With Launch X431 PAD VII, you also get to enjoy advanced ECU coding and online coding. It supports power balance, component matching, online calibration, cylinder balance test, online parameterization, programmable module installation, and an online account login service.

With the X-Prog 3 device (buy separately), you’ll be able to perform advanced key programming.

Launch X431 Pad Vii Feature 3

Supported Protocols and Vehicle Coverage

This diagnostic scanner supports all five OBD2 protocols. CAN Bus, J1850 VPW, ISO 9141-2, J1850 PWM, and ISO 14230 PWM.

As for vehicle coverage, PAD VII supports over 100 passenger car brands from the USA, Asia, Europe, and Australia. It also supports heavy-duty vehicles, but it’s optional


Warranty, Software Update, and Price

Launch X431 PAD VII has a software update function. It allows you to perform standard software updates for apps associated with the diagnostic app. It also updates frequently used vehicle software. These include vehicle diagnostics software and reset software.

Software updates are free for one year after the date of purchase. The system will then prompt you to renew your subscription if it’s due to expire.

PAD VII has a one-year warranty for defects in workmanship and material. Depending on where you purchase this device, you can expect to part with anywhere from $3399 to $4999.


Marketed Users

Launch X431 PAD VII is perfect for professional automotive shops. It’s a top-tier vehicle diagnostics computer. The scanner has everything an automotive technician needs for modern vehicle maintenance and alteration.

This device also offers guidance for VW and Audi vehicles meaning car owners can grab this tool. This is because you will get some help diagnosing your car.

Most car enthusiasts will love the PAD VII too. It has so many functions that you can get your repair practice on it.


Final Thoughts

Briefly, Launch X431 PAD VII diagnostic and programming tool is a high-end OBD2 scanner with vast capabilities. It boasts a broad scope of connectivity options, including the capability to add modules.

The scan offers in-depth vehicle analysis with the help of intelligent diagnostics. Its high-quality design and user-friendly interface mean accessing the vehicles system’s is a breeze. And, you get free updates for 12 months, so you’ll always be up to date with the latest technology.

For experienced users, Launch X431 PAD VII opens up capabilities you will never see with any other scan tool in the same price range.

Go ahead and order yours today.