VW Passat CC (B6) Key Learning with Xhorse VVDI2 Programmer

Problem: want to learn a second key to the car VW Passat CC (B6), have the original key, I hooked up Xhorse VVDI2 and somewhere in the learning process things got mixed up and from where things went wrong. Ignition stays off, steering lock is on/active/locked, B/W screen in middle of instrument cluster says “Immobilizer active” (see figure1.png)

Vvdi2 Vw Passat Cc B6 Key Learning 01

I removed the BCM behind the dash panel and read the 95320 eeprom. Passed the bin-file (see dumpBCM.zip) to VVDI2 which gave me the following info:


-> PIN: xxxxx

-> CS: 29 C2 07 50 xx xx xx


I forced ignition to the ECU by bridging the main relais and giving power to fuse 10 on the left of the dash. After that I could do a PIN and CS extraction from the ECU with VVDI2. This gave me the following info:


-> PIN: xxxxx

-> CS: 29 C2 07 50 xx xx xx/xx


From the key learning option in VVDI2, I entered the security code manually and extracted the security code via de “autodetect pin/cs” button after forcing ignition by the main relais and power to fuse 10. As soon as I select “Learn”, it tries to get security access and says it fails. I noticed that the “Lock time” to accept the “Login (pin)” is set to 10 minutes (see purple rectangle in figure2.png).

According to the description of VVDI2 it should count back to 0. So I left it overnight and the “Login (pin)” still says 10 minutes and doesn’t count back after leaving it there for approximately 8 hours.

Vvdi2 Vw Passat Cc B6 Key Learning 02

Furthermore I tried to adapt the original key (key with which the car came in) with ODIS. It says:


The anti-theft immobilizer control module could not be adapted. The following error occured: ERROR_NRC_RequiredTimeDelayNotExpired:ServiceID:ResponseCode. The adaption will be canceled. End of test


I noticed the following, if I give ignition to the ECU (bridge main relais and give power to fuse 10) the B/W screen of the instrument cluster:

-> keeps alternating from “immobilizer active!” to “key not found”

-> gives me the “0-1”, typical for key learning.

(see figure3.png)

Vvdi2 Vw Passat Cc B6 Key Learning 03

If I insert the original key (key with wich the car came in) the instrument cluster stays in the aforementioned state.


According to the documentation of VVDI2 there a two types of transponders for this Passat CC;


-> type 1: 46 chip which can be learned with the 7th bit of CS set to FF

-> type 2: 48 chip which must be learned with the 7th bit of CS from the BCM 95320 eeprom dump


I put the original key in the VVDI2, this gave me the following info:

-> transponder: PCF 7936

-> Model: Manchester

-> Status: Locked

So I think this is a 46 chip.


I tried to make a dealer key with VVDI2 with both type of transponders, 46 chip with 7th bit set to FF and 48 chip with 7th bit set to 0E. These procedure finished correctly. After that I tried to insert them in the ingnition switch while instrument cluster


-> keeps alternating from “immobilizer active!” to “key not found”

-> gives me the “0-1”, typical for key learning.

None of these attempts led to a change of state messages on the instrument cluster.


Finally! Worked

Today I received the non-oem-key and learned it to the car for immo, keyless entry and keyfob.

Some notes:
-> if car has keyless entry the chip needed in the key is ID46/PCF 7936

-> If you messed up and engine needs to start, you can prepare a PCF 7936 transponder and learned that to the car through: vvdi2 -> transponder programmer -> immobilizer data tool -> load BCM eeprom dump -> make dealer key -> save adapted BCM eeprom dump back to BCM. Build BCM back in the car, insert the key with the prepared PCF 7936 transponder (instrument cluster stays black) -> wait a few seconds -> remove key and insert key again; ignition should then go on and one should be able to start the car.

-> if during the learning process a wrong key is inserted there is a very good chance that all learned keys are turned to “not used” in the BCM eeprom and ignition can’t be turned on anymore with all keys.

-> if, after messing up, you need to put ignition on to read pin and CS from engine ECU, put power to fuse 10 in the fusebox on the left side of the dashboard. This goes for a Passat CC buildyear 2008. You should check if this applies to your Passat (CC).

-> I learned the non-oem-key (immo and keyless entry) in a two-step process:
step 1: make a dealer key through: vvdi2 -> transponder programmer -> immobilizer data tool from the BCM eeprom dump
step 2: learn the dealer key through: vvdi2 -> VW -> key learn -> key learn. Enter the number of keys to be learned and the security code and hit “learn key” in the left bottom and follow instructions. After that both the immo and keyless entry part are learned.

-> it is perfectly normal that the keyfob of the keyless entry key can’t be learned through the regular VAG-keyfob adaption procedure. This is because the keyfob is learned during the immo-keylearning procedure.

-> the PCF 7936 transponder prepared with VVDI2 as a dealer key can be “virginized/unlocked” again through vvdi2 -> transponder programmer -> other key tool -> Unlock–PassatB6/CC 46transponder key (need 6bytes CS)


Hope it helps!


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