How to use Audi C6 A6 Q7 J518 Replacement ELV Emulator?


Could you help program this type of J518 ELV emulator? Already read EEPROM and flash from original ELV. Write eeprom with 4kb size. But car don’t start. Even recognize key.

J518 Elv Emulator



The ELV Emulator is used to replace the Audi C6 A6 Q7 steering column module J518 module when it’s failure.

The Audi sixth generation Immo A6 Q7 car usually seen faults like, turn on the key car not start, ELV not unlock, cluster not light up etc, most of the time it can be repaired by the J518 ELV module by changing the original J518 ELV Module with this J518 emulator. 

How to Change the Audi J518 ELV Emulator?

1.Read out the EEPROM data from the original J518 module of your car (the emulator was already with flash data)
2. Write the EEPROM data you got in Step 1 into the emulator (if the original J518 MCU mask is 0L01Y, write the EEPROM data you got from step1 into the emulator directly;
or if the MCU mask of the original J518 is 1L59W/3L40K, you need to send EEPROM data to an expert to transfer EEPROM data when you write into the emulator directly. We don’t provide the service)

J518 Elv Emulator 2 J518 Elv Emulator 3

It’s a universal solution, compatible with the three MCU types (1L59W, 3L40K, 0L01Y) of the original J518 module utilized.
Remove the vulnerable components, works more stable and durable.
With a simulated lock and unlock sounds generated by the horn on the board.
Easy for replacing.


The VVDIProg cable connector here is only for write the data to this emulator, not able to read the original J518 module
For reading the original J518 module data, still have to use the programmer solder wire to read.
This emulator has no lock and unlock function, if you need the module function as the original one on the ar, select the J518 replacement PCB.