Can CGDI MB Renew Benz W211/W209/W203 ESL?


it is possible to use CGDI Prog MB to renew ESL from W211, W209, W203, W210 etc?

When I try to get erase password, the CGDI says erase password not found. What happened? I try two ELV, both the erase password not found.




Here’s the thing about this type of ESL:

Some Mercedes ELV are with motorola chip, CGDI MB can not renew this type (Can not get the erase password ).Only support NEC chip.
If is Motorola – read dump with any programmer and upload. After this just press “Get” and you obtain erase pass very easy.

1) CGDI renews easily those with NEC chip inside (part numbers start with 0 e.g. 0355457732). CGDI released a video on this subject recently:

2) For locks with PN starting with A203xxxxxxx it is a hc05e6 motorola inside. You can either load a virgin dump there with a programmer or renew it with CGDI but ONLY IF YOU HAVE MATCHING EIS/ECU. The trick is to copy the special key from EIS and paste it into a special key section of ESL and then query for erase password. Tested & working.

Renew ESL/ELV with NEC chip:

1 Follow CGDI MB software diagram to connection (W211 need gateway)

2 The OBD yellow line needs to connect the ELV plug thinnest wire

3 Read out the ELV data , Get erase password. Then erase the ELV .  Get your EIS data (with your password ) into ELV. Then use your key to activate your ELV.

4 W209 and W211, W906 can sync ELV after ELV been erased. Others ELV need to get EIS data with password first , Then write into ELV.

5 If you use your key to activate your ELV , it can work. Personalized status marked , activated not marked . You can use “Activate ELV “function to make the Activated status marked.



Working experience:

Nec esl Vito639, Sprinter 906 renew OK.
Crafter ESL 100% NOT OK!
Some ESL must be renewed in ESL chip adapter.