Ford F150 2009 TCM Reprogramming with Autel J2534


Gathering info about resetting (reprogramming) a TCM Module for a 2009 Ford F150. They fixed the transmission. Put new parts, and we were told that it has to be reprogrammed.

We own a Autel MK908P and MK808.  So far, I think we will need a J2534.




You need a login with ford (FDRs), using dealer software on laptop which is downloadable. Autel should be able to supply you with websites to use. FDRs you have to pay to use. I’ve tried once so far but ford servers were down apparently.. the new module you have if you install on car has basically no operating system and no adaptations ( in layman’s terms) and the j2534 puts the software in ( think of it as a pc with no windows and no programs) firstly get a login with ford and download available programs before beginning, read online instructions and watch a few YouTube videos to get tips and pointers then proceed to do your repair. After teaching module run through the adaptations and your done.. it is a bit of a head scratch to begin with but you soon get the hang of it.

This is how a login should look, ensure network to FDRs is working, click start at the top to download FDRs and setup j2534 after this use green circles to download what you need to do and follow all manuals and instructions … Also ensure that vehicle is connected to a battery support unit. If battery goes flat during operation you can brick the module

Ford Fjds 1 Ford Fjds 2 Ford Fjds 3 Ford Fjds 4 Ford Fjds 5
You probably need valve body strategy. You need FJDS and a passthrough. Will be 40 bucks. You will need to download the software from Ford first after you create a login. Make sure drivers for the passthrough are installed on PC and it is setup to program.

By the way, only MS906 above is compatible with J2534.  MK808 can not.