Which & Where to Buy a Working JLR Mangoose Cable?

Have no idea what mongoose cable to get? and where to buy? If use a mongoose cable v 157. for ver. 130? will SSD v. 130. flash the cable ? etc. Just read the following parts.


Good to know:

Well unless you buy the expensive Drew Tech cable it’s a crap shoot!
Plus Drew no longer show a JLR cable anyway!


I have a Chinese Mangoose cable which has worked 100% and I have done a lot with it on multiple cars. BUT others have had problems. So not a great answer I know.

All version of SDD will use the same cable. Are you aware that there are different Mongoose/Mangoose cables?
They are all called Mongoose but have some wiring difference as the chart below shows.

Mongoose Cable Differences 01


I got this chart so I could verify that I had a JLR Mongoose but never did figure out how to check the cable?
They are all the same basically with just 1 or 2 pins that are different.

Also before you hook any cable to your car remove the cover and take a look. Here is mine and you can’t see the status LED’s
very good unless you remove the cover.

Mongoose Cable Differences 02


As for versions you have your choice. I am currently hooked to the internet and using Win7 64 bit.
I am up to V159 and just downloaded the latest update this week. I have been warned that both of these things will not work but they do for me?
Maybe the crack I am using will stop working too. So lots of unknowns but the SDD has been very useful to me even with the extra work involved.

I did hook the Mangoose cable up to the car without the computer the first time just because I am paranoid about damages.


@ TheMindBuddah review:

Its should automatically flash the Mangoose cable with the correct firmware. I have used a cheap Chinese clone for a number of years with no issues.


@ mrmut review:

I can confirm this. I use several different versions of IDS, and they all will flash the firmware to the appropriate version.


@obdii365.com engineer concluded the differences among Mangoose Cable SP205-C SP205-B SP116: