Good Fault Reader/Analyzer for 2003 BMW E85 M54 Engine

Car model and year: a 2003 E85 with an M54 engine


Purpose: Looking for Good fault reader/analyzer



  1. I have Creator 310 for BMW, works for me. I have a 2.5 ,2003, Z4. Has helped me diagnose and clear some faults.

I also have the Creator 310+, cost something like $55 when I bought it several years ago.

2003 Bmw E85 Fault Reader 01


  1. INPA is an excellent diagnostic tool, INPA with an old Windows XP laptop – You have to buy a cable for ODBC to USB (and make sure it is compatible with a E85 chassis) and it is a bit clunky to set up and use, but it can read and reset all of the codes. The software you can get on the net for free, my laptop was a surplus unit our IT department was going to discard (I had to buy a new battery for it) and the inpa cable is about $18 on

2003 Bmw E85 Fault Reader 02


  1. I swear by the Foxwell NT530 BMW scanner. Works on my E85 and 2 Mini Coops. I can also confirm the Foxwell 530 can take your e85 in and out of travel mode.

Foxwell nt530 (Updated version of nt510) is an affordable standalone unit (easy to use) and the preferred unit, along with required cables.
It can scan for BMW codes, among other things, as it can communicate with all BMW modules.

2003 Bmw E85 Fault Reader 03

PS: Recommend Foxwell NT530 with BMW software installed.

2003 Bmw E85 Fault Reader 04


  1. Carly for BMW – This uses a Bluetooth adapter in your ODBC port and the software downloads to your phone or tablet. The Carly is much easier to use to read codes and it can also do some limited programming to enable/disable features on the car. The total cost for the adapter and software (they are sold separately) was a little under $150.

2003 Bmw E85 Fault Reader 05


To sum up!

Which one you’d like to use, it depends on your actual needs, budget.

The poster highly recommend you Foxwell NT530 and Creator 310+, both are handheld scanner, easy to use.