VXDIAG VCX SE BMW Works? Better than China icom?

I recently purchased VXDIAG VCX SE BMW diagnostic & programming device and HDD with software. It works perfectly and stably.
Price is 209usd (without laptop)  with free shipping cost.

Which is cheaper than ICOM.


Package: came with VXDIAG VCX SE unit, usb cable and software HDD.

Vxdiag Vcx Se Bmw Diagnostic Tool 1Vxdiag Vcx Se Bmw Diagnostic Tool 2Vxdiag Vcx Se Bmw Diagnostic Tool 4


ISTA D version 4.17, ISTA P 3.66, can read – erase faults, code, program and update ECU…

Vxdiag Vcx Se Bmw Diagnostic Tool 5

Vxdiag Vcx Se Bmw Diagnostic Tool 6

Vxdiag Vcx Se Bmw Diagnostic Tool 7

Order received in 6 days, came fast and Excellent works, i have icom a2,The connection is more stable than A2.ISTA + D/P Program works good ,highly recommend !!



> VCX SE is professional diagnostic tool only for BMW. VCX SE for BMW has J2534 driver. But only supports BMW J2534. No possible to add other car brand license.

If you have another car model, advise you have AllScanner VXDIAG which allow you to open the software license to use.

Vxdiag Vcx Se Bmw Diagnostic Tool 8


-> Supports DoIP models


-> Compatible with original BMW software.

The method to install BMW software for Vxdiag VCX SE:

1).With original BMW software, insert the CD in the package to install the driver first, and then run BMW software.
2).Without original BMW software, insert the HDD to the computer to directly run without installation.


Check the connection diagram below:

Vxdiag Vcx Se Bmw Diagnostic Tool 9


VXDIAG VCX SE options:

1)Device without HDD software

2) Device with HDD software (500GB)

3) Only HDD software 

Languages: Chinese and English



WiFi and USB connection

VCX SE cannot support LAN connection.


The main diagnostic software includes (Same as BMW ICOM A2 A3, Next):

-For BMW ISTA-P v3.59.4.004 (Programming);

-For BMW Group ISPI (the fourth generation of For BMW diagnostic software client);

-E-SYS (Engineer Software for F series, available for programming, coding, Chinesization, realize hidden functions, advanced features);

-WINKFP (for E series: programming, upgrade and downgrade);

-Tool32 (enter key, import codes, delete certification, advanced features for BMW series);

-INPA (read vehicle information, diagnosis, read and clear trouble codes);

-For BMW Coding (for E series: import data, change the code or realize hidden functions);

-KSD2 (offer full vehicle repairing information for diagnosis or programming);

-NCS-Expert tool (for E series: set codes, realize hidden functions and change settings);


Programming and coding:

Can perform programming and coding for all BMW E/ F/ G series cars.

Good at fiber programming.


VXDIAG VCX SE BMW Personalized Customization:

  1. Set Seat Belt Alarm time (second/sec)
    2. Disable passenger Seat Belt Alarm
    3. Disable driver Seat Belt Alarm
    4. Set the engine on/off status the same as that before the ignition off or the default status off.
    5. Set the central lock automatically unlock when ignition off
    6. Set Fuel Economy Mode as default mode after ignition on
    7. Enable roll up window when open car door
    8. Enable the option of DRL (Day Running Lights) on or off.
    9. Set Highlight auxiliary and intersection traffic light “Automatic”
    10. Enable to adjust DRL brightness (the default factory setting is brightest)
    11. Set fog light turn on while headlight is on
    12. Enable to Lock/Unlock sound and adjust the volume
    13. Enable auto close sunroof when raining (May lead to initialize sunroof, it will work only after ignition on for 10 seconds, not very effective.)
    14. Set windshield wiper Back in place when ignition off
    15. Set sunroof automatically close in a tilted state (It needs to initialize sunroof)
    16. Set the turn signal light on/off times (F30)
    17. Enable CIC menu display CI version
    18. Three Bluetooth phone rings available
    19. Enlarge phone number and text storage (25 to 50),A/C (Automatic Air Conditioning)
    20. Set indoor internal circulation memory the same as that when the ignition off last time.
    21. Set air conditioning memory the same as that when ignition off last time.
    22. Display engine output power and torque on navigation screen
    23. Cancel home screen boot delay confirm message
    24. Cancel rear view camera statement when reversing
    25. Display available gas station on navigation
    26. Display speed limit info (Need hardware support)
    27. Display engine torque menu
    28. Auto headlight
    29. TPMS
    30. Display tire pressure and temperature (Need hardware support)
    31. Adjust mile to kilometer
    33. GPS time synchronization
    34. Dashboard stimulate instant fuel consumption: change from 20 to 30
    35. Enable dashboard light on always
    36. Enable dashboard light always on at night (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of For BMW 530)
    37. Enable dashboard light always on at daytime (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of For BMW 530)
    38. Enable dashboard lights turn grey (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of For BMW 530)
    39. Enable dashboard lights turn orange or grey (For BMW 535, GT, 7 series and part of For BMW 530)
    40. DS Mode display current shift from S1 to S7
    41. Set Head-Up Display (Navigation map distance and turn signal, etc.) (Need hardware support)
    42. PDC reversing radar is changed vertically and horizontally


Therefore, after learning more about this VXDIAG VCX SE BMW device, I will not hesitate to choose it instead of BMW ICOM.

Vxdiag Vcx Se Bmw Diagnostic Tool 10