Lonsdor K518ise Fiat 500 OBD Add Key: Yes or No?

Fiat 500 can add new keys by Lonsdor K518ise???

Yes. Fiat 500 is covered.




Can you give me the programming method?


Fiat 500: Prepare dealer key. Read pincode. Programme both keys.

If you don’t know what your doing, you really shouldn’t be playing with someone’s car


There’s 2 type of remote. 8 pins or 10/16 pins .

You must open key and verify which one you take.

And yes using a right key delphi or marelli.



Lonsdor Fiat 500 test report: (updated in 01-2019)

  1. Tried a Fiat 500 2012 tonight, spare key. Lonsdor worked perfectly, very quick..


  1. Done lots now no problem. Remote precode & non remotes.


  1. londsor 50 /50 on these…


  1. because there are 2 systems in fiat.. first is BSI DELPHI and seconde one is BSI MAGNETTI MARELLI BSI.. First do an diagnostic on the bsi and identify which bsi has the car and then choose the key ! thats why in some case the remote is not functionning.. but the car start.. very easy..


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