Toyota Techstream Customize 4Runner 2010

Here’s some screenshots I just took for any beginners wanna have a customization on his/her Toyota.


I am using Vxdiag vcx nano for Toyota from

and Techstream v12.00.019 download from

It works 100% the same as the dealers.It’s very self explanatory and specific testing/trouble shooting a specific system/component is in a step by step process in the factory repair manual.
Turn on¬†ignition, plug the Vxdiag scan tool in the OBDII port and click “connect vehicle”, fill in the options and hit next!

Techstream-v12-Customize-Toyota-4Runner-2010 (1)

Comes up with this page and you can see the options and systems you can click on and the stored data button to see and clear DTC’s.

Techstream-v12-Customize-Toyota-4Runner-2010 (2)

This is clicking on the “Customize Settings” button.

Techstream-v12-Customize-Toyota-4Runner-2010 (3)

This is clicking on the ” Wireless Door Lock”

Techstream-v12-Customize-Toyota-4Runner-2010 (4)

And the seat one most people want changed…

Techstream-v12-Customize-Toyota-4Runner-2010 (5)

And this is clicking on the “Tire Pressure Monitor” system from the main page.You can see the pressures and TPMS ID’s. My left front is a little low!There are other test you can run from within the TPMS system

Techstream-v12-Customize-Toyota-4Runner-2010 (6)

Vxdiag vcx nano for Toyota techstream customization settings success!