JLR SDD2 V149 Free Download and Installation on Win 7

JLR SDD2 Landrover and Jaguar Diagnostics, Reprogramming, Immobiliser and Smart key programming software released to latest V149. Obdii365.com here provides JLR SDD2 v149 free download and installation guide.


JLR SDD2 V149 Register Patch and Software Free Download


JLR SDD2 V149 system requirement:

Windows XP…………..confirmed

Windows 7………….confirmed

Windows 8………….confirmed

Windows 10………….confirmed


JLR SDD 2 V149 abilities:

Obdii diagnosis………….confirmed

Key programming………….confirmed

Ecu programming ………….confirmed

Engineer mode………….confirmed

Tip: How to set up JLR SDD2 to Engineering mode


How to Install JLR SDD2 V149 diagnosis and programming software on Windows 7:

Step 1: Install V149 setup
Open Software CD
Open JLR V149 folder

Open SDD 149.00_FULL setup

Select setup language

Setup wizard install complete, click on Install

Accept license agreement
Accept license agreement again, click on Next
Select “I have read and understand this firewall comparability”, cilick on Next
Click Next
Click Next
Click OK
Click Install
If SDD V149 prompts “Would you like ActiveCGM to be the default TJF viewer”, click Yes
Application is being installed
Install setup driver
click Next
click next
Restart the computer, click on Finish


Step 2: Install SDD 149.01 setup

Run SDD_149.01 setup

click OK
Update Complete
Restart computer, click on Finish
Step 3: Install Terminator software V3.7

Open Terminator software V3.7
select Terminator language
click on Next…
Click I to ready to install FVDI2 Based Software List setup
Click on Next until it generate FVDI2 Based Software List shortcut on desktop
Click Extract to extract FTDI CDM Drivers

Click Next
Accept license agreement
Click Finish
Install PL-2303 Driver installer program, click next
Click Finish
Completing the FVDI2 based Software List setup wizard,click Finish
Step 4: Register JLR SDD2 V149
Win7 system will detect folder
Open folder to view files
Cut JLR register v4.0 folder to desktop

Open JLR register v4.0 folder
Copy app.war and replace it in C:/Program Files/JLR/SDD/SDD


Click on JLR register
Click on Generate register request file

Save file to desktop and name it “abc”
Open software folder
Copy and paste abc.exml to desktop

Open JLR register v4.0 folder on desktop
Open JLR register folder
Open JLR register
Click on Register
Open abc.exml on desktop

Register finished

Step 5: Update and Run Software

Open FVDI2 Based Software List on desktop
check new version info and click on Update
Click Download the latest version
Download finished

Click Install
Select setup language
follow system prompt to complete FVDI2 J2534 driver setuop installation
Confirm uninstall, click Yes
Uninstall complete, click Finish
Open FVDI2 Based Software List on desktop
J2534 Compatible software->JLR


Run diagnosis and programming functions



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