2017 Bluetooth Launch Golo M-Diag update of Easydiag

Here comes the new Launch Golo OBDII diagnostic code scanner Launch M-Diag with built-in Bluetooth, designed for full-system diagnostics (incl. bi-directional capabilities) on mobile phones running IOS or Android system. M-diag (mobilediag) is the update version of  Launch Easydiag.


Launch M-Diag for sale


2017 Original Launch M-Diag Plus OBDII Scanner for iOS/Android Built-in Bluetooth with One Free Car Software



light and small OBDll device


Plug and play:

Bluetooth connection with mobile phones running IOS/ Android system



optional to purchase specific car software, depending on users’ need



– multilingual: English, Chinese, Spanish, French , Italian

– full-system diagnostics including bl-directional capabilities: I/M Readiness Monitor

Read DTC’s, Clear DTC’s, Read Freeze Frame Data , Read and Graph Data Stream PID’s

– multiple special function and actuation tests


Launch M-Diag (mobilediag) Bluetooth OBDII code reader car coverage:

Support the generic OBD, CAN bus, and proprietary protocols of over70 car manufacturers and 500 car models;


Launch M-Diag Lite OBD2 Scanner User Manual

Launch M-Diag Lite Special Function Car List




Launch M-diag Auto Diag scanner will not come with software in the package, only hardware.

But obdii365.com will offer you Launch X431 register name & password.