BMW Easycoding Reset IDrive Information Warning Messages

I recently replaced my Brake pads on a 04 E60 and needed to reset the Idrive Information I did some google searchers and found the following information. There are two way to do it: use ENET EasyCoding scanner to customize the settings in iDrive or manually reset it. The BMW EasyCoding OBD2 scan tool is 400 more dollars, thought I would just do it manually.



I tried the solution on my E60 and it worked great. I am thinking that other models with Idrive will work the same way, so I would like to share it here and hope it helps anyone.


Firstly turn on the ignition, set the odometer trip meter back to zero by pushing it once. Then switch the ignition back off again. (Do follow this step, otherwise you could not get to the “Service” menu).


Now let us do the resetting:


  1. Switch the ignition on (so that the battery, Oil and Parking brake lights are displayed) and the key is ready to start the engine – but don’t actually start the car.


  1. Press the odometer reset button for between 5 and 10 seconds until a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in the centre appears in the top window between the clocks (where the outside temperature / time or date normally appears) – this is the “Service” icon.


  1. Release the odometer button briefly and press again straight away which brings up a picture of the Brake Fluid symbol (same as the one that the i-drive shows when you look at the Service menu).


  1. If you want to reset the Brake Fluid interval for another 2 years then keep holding the odometer button until the word “RESET?” appears at the bottom of the lower window.


  1. Release the button briefly and push it in again and hold for about 5 – 10 seconds until the new date appears in the bottom window. You can then switch the ignition off and the new Brake Fluid date will appear in the service menu on the i-drive screen next time you switch on.


  1. If you want to reset the Oil, Microfilter or Brake Pad indicators then you will need to follow the same sequence as steps 1 and 2 above, but when you get to step 3 and the brake Fluid icon appears, just release the button and press again and the next service item will appear.


  1. You can continue releasing and pressing the button until the required service item icon appears for the one you want to reset. Once it does then hold in the button in until the word “RESET?” appears again as in step 4 above. Once the word “RESET?” has appeared, you need to release the button briefly and hold it in again for about 5 – 10 seconds until it is replaced by the new service interval figure (as per step 5 above).