VPECKER Easydiag Error: Connect Vpecker failed(FIXED)

Here is the instruction on how to solve error “Connect Vpecker failed” for VPECKER Easydiag OBDII full diagnostic tool .



I registered and downloaded vpecker easydiag according to the video instruction offered. But there was something different from that in the video. I didn’t need to input information like user name, e-mail, etc. to register and activate my account. After installation, I used the demo mode to diagnose on my car but it cannot read information of the car, saying “Connect Vpecker failed, please make sure WIFI connected.

Connect-Vpecker-failed-fixed (1) Connect-Vpecker-failed-fixed (2) Connect-Vpecker-failed-fixed (3)  the video shows as follows:

Connect-Vpecker-failed-fixed (4)

Connect-Vpecker-failed-fixed (5)

Possible reasons for “Connect Vpecker failed”

  1. Register Vpecker incorrectly. The software downloaded is DEMO mode.
  2. Download the wrong software, which match other devices.
  3. Users haven’t connected to the Vpecker scanner.


How to install VPECKER Easydiag full diagnosis:

Part 1: Install Vpecker

Part 2: Activate Vpecker

Part 3: Free download to update

Part 4: Diagnosis service system

-Vehicle list display

-Diagnostic case display

How to install VPECKER Easydiag WIFI OBDII software