ATMEGA64 Repair Chip for XPROG-M pinout and dump

ATMEGA64 Repair Chip can update XPROG-M ECU tuning kit, full authorization support, including CAS4! Here is the ATMEGA64 pinout and free dump provided.

Customer questions:

How to read the ATMEGA64 in XPROG-m, I have a UPA USB programmer but it not detect the ATMEGA64, I have correctly connected SCK,MOSI,MISO,RESET…. but nothing?

You need to connect to the ATMEGA64.

atmega64 chip for Xprog M ECU programmer pinout:
Pinout Atmega64 Xprog-M

How to install the ATMEGA64 Repair Chip?

1. Solder new Atmega64 MCU to your Xprog. Overwrite all files and folders from Xprog_Preinstalled to your native Xprog install.
Usually C:\Program Files\ELDB\Xprog or C:\Program Files(X86)\ELDB\Xprog.

2. Start and Run Xprog. If you want to use this version on brand new PC, please install Xprog 5.0 and Adobe acrobat reader prior to files copy.

Free download eeprom + Flash ATmega64 to XPROG-M v5.0 dump!2hdyCYKQ!evzjWvxy6iZfoinitDBDjSdhzt-LvNBJKkVazYrH0uk
Password: a1234
Good dump, tested many times, atmega flash and eeprom, ver 5.0 with full authorization.

ATMEGA64 new and properly set + flash and eeprom
ATMEGA64 flash eeprom
If you have any installation problems on your own operating system, please install our Win XP operating system antivirus software or set your browser to download success)

SO294-B: ATMEGA64 Repair Chip update XPROG-M from V5.0/V5.3/V5.45 to V5.48
SO294: ATMEGA64 Repair Chip update XPROG-M from V5.0 or V5.3 to V5.45
SO294-C: ATMEGA64 Repair Chip update XPROG-M from V5.0/V5.3/V5.45 to V5.50