How to Set up Toyota ISTA for Supra J29 without License?

Techstream is for all Toyota and Lexus except Supra and ProAce. Supra needs Toyota ISTA and Proace requires diagbox.

Here are useful tips on setting up Toyota ISTA for Supra J29 diagnosis and flashing.

Step 1: Download Toyota ISTA from the official Toyota website. You don’t need to sign up or pay for anything.

Toyota Ista
Step 2: Install Toyota Techstream V18 and activate it. (Don’t use patch solution, ask for activation key on forums, MHHAUTO etc)
Step 3: After activation of Techstream, install ISTA. Toyota’s ISTA checks for an activated Techstream install. Due to that, there is no need for additional activation in ISTA.


Install Toyota Techstream last version and get a free activation from forums.
Then install Toyota ISTA last version.
And you will have Toyota Ista activated too. No need license.
You have to use an ENET cable as the one used for BMW or Volvo.


To activate the program, you need to have activated Techstream version 16 and later on the required PC before installation. Techstream has to be activated before installing Toyota ista.
Ista looks at the activation on the activation of the Techstream and if it is activated, then uses its activation.

Toyota Ista 2
That’s all you need.

If you want to use the psdzdata from the ISTA install for ESYS, type this command into CMD as administrator:
MKLINK /d “C:\Data\psdzdata” “C:\Program Files (x86)\ISTA4J29\PSdZ\psdzdata”

Some users can successfully do flashing using ESYS 3.30.1.

Better don’t install both BMW Ista and Toyota Ista on the same PC.