Clone ME9.6.1 ECM by Foxflash, Ktag or OBDSTAR DC706

Here comes the problem:

Trying to clone an ECM for a GM. Foxflash killed a brand new ME9.6.1 via OBD (using godiag gt100 breakout box). Read ECU just fine, but fails when writing and bricks module.

Bricked ME9.6.1 Ecu Solution 1 Bricked ME9.6.1 Ecu Solution 2 Bricked ME9.6.1 Ecu Solution 3 Bricked ME9.6.1 Ecu Solution 4


You did in a wrong way. Foxflash will do it. You didn’t use the otb adapter as you can read on a bench with OBD protocol. You must use bench or full system driver for ecu cloning.

If you already bricked ME9.6.1 ECU via OBD, you are able to restore using Ktag/KESS3 and BDM adapter. 

Cloned successfully!

Bricked ME9.6.1 Ecu Solution 5

OBDSTAR DC706, I/O terminal can clone these computers without opening.

Hextag also clones these ECMs without opening, but ecu cloning you have to pay the $65 for one day.

If you want to avoid opening the new ECM, choose DC706 instead.