Xhorse VVDI Prog and MQB Adapters Try Frequency Failed Solution

Some users reported that they can read multiple dashboards using VVDI Prog with soldering method. But with MQB48 solder free adapters, they often get try frequency failed error.

Xhorse Vvdi Prog Mqb Adapter Frequency Error 1

Xhorse Vvdi Prog Mqb Adapter Frequency Error 2

Xhorse Vvdi Prog Mqb Adapter Frequency Error 3

Here is the solution.

If only has frequency failed error, you have to measure FLMD0 voltage.

Follow this way to test FLMD0 voltage:

Don’t connect MQB adapter to cluster, only connect MQB adapter with vvdi prog, with 12V in both VVDI Prog and MQB Adapter.

Go and read by TEST_OPTION_15,  measure the FLMD0 voltage, normally the FLMD0 should be 3.3V.

Xhorse Vvdi Prog Mqb 3532 Cluster Frequency Error 5

Test Mqb Adapter Voltage 1

Test Mqb Adapter Voltage 2

Test Mqb Adapter Voltage 3

If the FLMD0 voltage is low, supply 3.3v to FMLDO on MQB adapter (see image attached below. DK Veteran solution). He tested all good read and write without problem.

Test Mqb Adapter Voltage 4

But if doing this way, you need to supply 3.3v to MQB adapter each time you use an adapter.

Xhorse engineer suggests sending back your vvdi prog for repair.




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