Scanmatik 2 Pro Original vs Clone

What’s the difference between Scanmatik 2 Pro J2534 passthru original and clone?


SM2 Pro Original

SCANMATIK Pro 2 universal programmer can use with Moflash, or bitbox or pcmflash. Ori reads and write normaly via bench and obd. Original works with original pcmflash with latest modules. Clone does not.  It is possible to work with a large number of third-party programs that support operation via the J2534 interface.

Sm2 Pro Original

Original is stable and works with all programs that support work with the J2534 protocol.


SM 2 Pro original PCB (green) vs clone PCB (purple)

Sm2 Pro Original Vs Clone Pcb 1 Sm2 Pro Original Vs Clone Pcb 2


SM2 Pro Clone


There are two versions of SM2 pro clones.

They have different versions of purple pcb, the one with gold plated pcb is double the price of the tinned pcb.


Old SM2 Pro Clone (hardware version is 2.21.21)

Possible fw is locked and no Update possible. It is very cheap $68 with firmware and adapters.

Works ok with pcmflash 1.2 clone and genuine latest pcmflash.

Tested tc1766 and tc1796. med17 and edc17. But some ecu has no connection via OBD or bench.

Tested working with VIDA, scan system and read modules very fast.

Old Sm2 Pro

New SM2 Pro Clone (hardware version is 2.21.22)

2.21.22 from April 14, 2022

new SM2 pro is this looks like much better then cloned scanmtik.

Works fine with xentry, even K line works on old EDC15 ecus. Also connects with Vediamo and DTS Monaco.

xentry passthrue connected with sprinter 907 2022 ok, Odis 11 ok, ista bmw ok, SDD ok, Forscan ok.

Don’t use V2.21.21 software with new sm2 pro clone. You will has USB hardware not supported problem. Old software is not not compatible with the v2.21.22 hardware. Downloading the latest 2.21.22 software from the official Scanmatik website fixed the problem. The device seems to work. Successfully read a Hyundai/Kia MEDG17.9.8.

Works really good and stable but with the standard power supply the bench cable did not work on auto settings because voltage was too low. With a better power supply @13.5 – 13.8v it now works as intended.
The provided power supply went straight into the trash can.

It came with the new 3 LED and 3-way switch version of the cable. However after that first read, the cable stopped working and the smoke was released. I opened the cable up and found a burnt transistor.

New Sm2 Pro

HW 2.21.22 has better PCB componenets than 2.21.21 old SM2 pro.

PCB board are different:

The old SM2 used poor quality components and chips,

New SM2 PRO+used the best quality components.

New Vs Old Scanmatikc 2 Pro 1 New Vs Old Scanmatikc 2 Pro 2

The old SM2 Pro uses a tin-plated PCB, the new SM2 Pro+ use a gold-plated PCB.

New Vs Old Scanmatikc 2 Pro 3 New Vs Old Scanmatikc 2 Pro 4 New Vs Old Scanmatikc 2 Pro 5

The old sm2 pro use cheap IC, no brand

New Vs Old Scanmatikc 2 Pro 6

New SM2 PRO+ use the original IC, better quality ,you can see the IC brand very clearly

New Vs Old Scanmatikc 2 Pro 7

old sm2 use cable, new SM2 PRO+ use gold cable (better quality).


Bench cable is different:

1. New SM2 PRO+ bench cable with Kline. it can write the old Toyota and Lexus which car with LLINE.

2. The bench cable with switch so that power supply can be controlled manually and automatically, and it is not easy to burn

New Vs Old Scanmatikc 2 Pro 8

Old sm2 use poor quality DB port, new SM2 PRO+ use White glue gold-plated DB interface.

New Vs Old Scanmatikc 2 Pro 9


In sum:

The new Scanmatik 2 pro clone only rework whole PCB, it is not original.

SM2 clone is not working properly. It doesnt communicate right and inside need a lot of rework it s not like ori one.

SM2 pro clone will make some jobs but SM2 pro original is the best for professionals.



FYI: You can rework the clone like this if no connection via obd or bench.


4 X MMBT2222A 1P OR K1P

2 X SN65HVD233D VP233

2 X 47uf 35v

1 X Tantal 10uF-16V


1 X MMBT2222A 1P OR K1P

2 X SN65HVD233D VP233

1 X LM317L

2 X 2F