Renault Clio VI HFM Programming (Renesas V850) without Dealer

Background information:

A user try to add a smart key card on a 2017 Renault Clio IV with Renault ECU Tool (R.E.T) but after press enable pin R.E.T failed on STEP 5 and now HFM module is virgin without card but can’t get ISK or PIN it is erased.

Try AVDI but it cannot read PIN, also read ecu EDC17 c84 but wound ISK that is 12 digit.

When trying to enable pin RET made HFM virgin but couldn’t read code.


Solution 1:

For this case, dealer is the best and smart choice.

Go to Renault main dealer and do online HFM coding !

It’s a common problem. Under 120€ car is repaired!

Only + token can provide it!

Solution 2:
Here is the user solution.
With AVDI and R.E.T and blank keys, you can solve the problem by following method:

*First Of All, You Need To Read The HFM via Xhorse VVDI PROG, then Find A Full Dump For Your HFM ( NOT VIRGIN ), Then Write It.

Then, With AVDI Online, Or Normal AVDI Commander, You Will Proceed As All Key Lost, Like This AVDI Will Get ISK And Pin Code And Program Key Card,

We Return Now To R.E.T, You Go HFM And You Change Vin, The Go To ESCL Section, And Clear Immo Code, Then Return To Learn ESCL To The HFM,

Now The Car Will Get Ignition, But Of Course No Start, Then Now, You Read ECU Dump, You Virgin Eeprom With R.E.T, You Write Back Virgin Eeprom To Ecu,

Finally, Plug Back Ecu To Car, Again With R.E.T, Learn Virgin ECM To Car, Clear All DTC, And Start Your Car.

By This Method You Will Like Make A New Kit For The Car. ( 50% Obd Job, 25% Soldering And Programmer Job, 25% Little Patience )

It’s Not Necessary To Have AVDI To Do All Key Lost In Clio 4, R.E.T, Is Enough, But With AVDI, it’s more easier, Specially in online commander, ( OBD Job, And Follow Steps ), But For People Who Have R.E.T Only, Yes It’s Possible AKL, It’s Will Require A Tronsponder Programmer ( Tango, AVDI… ), And Also HFM Data, Readed By Programmer ( VVDI PROG… )

Also For VVDI PROG Writing, It’s Totally Safe, People Made A Lot Of HFM Clone With It, ( Read Write Perfectly).

In This Case Reading The Crashed HFM, Will Contain Virgin HFM Data.


Solution 2 is for people who can’t access to dealer, Or they don’t have Renault dealer in their country/City, Or simply who want to fix it by themselves.



*Vvdi prog can read Renault HFM module!

You can also use UPA, Orange5 original or clone.

All with different pinouts.

Mind your settings, baudrate etc.

Orange5 swaps rx tx.

Upa for instance, uncheck stop on error.


For vvdi program, don’t select Others->Renault->HFM
But go direct to the mcu and select the right type and read.


the vvdi prog have the right pinout. (Check if the hfm the same is because you have different versions)
Just For R/W Select The MCU Manually.

vvdi prog nead FLMD1.

HFM (renesas v850 D07F3633) pinout to vvdi prog.

Hfm Renault VVDIPROG 2 1

Hfm Renault VVDIPROG 1 1

Hfm Renault VVDIPROG 3 1

for reading:

Go to MCU->Renesas V850
not by Other -HFM-