Yanhua Mini ACDP1/ACDP2 Self Test Guide


Someone here in the shop hook up my yanhua mini acdp with an old yanhua cable for FEM and hook up the power to the cable instead to the yanhua and the FEM starts to blink, I assume the fem was damaged and I purchase another fem but when i try to ready it normally with power to the yanhua with the adapter, not with that cable and read fine but after a few minutes that module give me the same problem, can you guys tell me what part of the equipment is damage or damaging fem or what is going on?



You can do a self-test by yourself.


Go to Special Function->ACDP Check->Device IO/DDR Self Check

Yanhua Mini Acdp Self Test 1

Yanhua Mini Acdp Self Test 2

Yanhua Mini Acdp Self Test 3

Check the self test result and report to your dealer.