Autel AP200 vs Xtool A30M for Key Programming?

Can Autel MaxiAP AP200 and Xtool Anyscan A30M obd2 code scanner program keys? Which is better?


Autel AP200:

This Autel scanner represents a cheap all system scantool for DIY and is one of the best professional budget scan tool or best budget scan tool in the pocket-size category.  The AP200 from Autel is under $60 and comes with key programming capabilities. 

We’re going to experiment with programming key using the Autel MaxiAP AP200 obd2 code scanner for those of you who might be familiar with the Autel line of code scanners.

This is based on their 808 maxi series it is a miniaturized version that works via bluetooth. This bluetooth dongle and it works on Android or Apple platforms there is no Windows platform.

You get one free make of car lifetime license with it for purchase you can add additional makes of cars for $15 per especially if you buy them off the Android version rather than the iOS version. For some reason they charge more for the Apple version.

When you purchase the AP200 will give you a QR code that will give you a place where you can download the software that you need to run the tool.

If you have a vehicle manufactured much after about 2010 give or take a year depending upon the manufacturer you probably have been told that if you need to get a spare key made you’re going to either have to take it to a dealer or to a locksmith and have a key programmed using special software and tools that only those folks have.

Can Autel AP200 program keys?

Depends on the car. It programmed blade keys, but it won’t do smart fobs.

the AP200 doesn’t work with the newer style key fobs.

Also be sure it’s not a car after 2018. It doesn’t program smart keys, but it’ll do diagnostics.

Autel Ap200 Program Keys

Some user reports:

just program an after market key for a 2013 Toyota Corolla

2010 Rav4, purchased a new blank key and Autel MaxiAp200, followed your instructions on keyless entry and it worked.

received my Autel AP200 unit today I was able to program a second key to work with Land rover Discovery3.

2009 Land rover freelander 2 in the USA. add key worked flawlessly

programmed 2007 Civic ID46 433mhz key successfully through AUTEL AP200

This DOES work on a US 2006 LR3 HSE using the 315MHz remote

successfully programmed 2 keys for my 2011 Toyota Rav4

2019 gmc Sierra remote programming ok

Lexus ES250 2015 program keyless does not work.



Xtool Anyscan A30M:


Xtool A30M is definitely a great option for a bi-directional scanner without the need for subscription fees especially if you’re on a budget.


Can it program keys?

For example, under the 2017 Honda Accord, under the immobilizer ECU the option for key programming was available, made multiple attempts to program keys to this

car but it just kept on filling, also hooked up the a30m to a Toyota, there wasn’t any support for key programming.

key programming isn’t listed under special functions for the a30m.  For the price of the A30M it’s sure it’s not available.

Xtool A30m Program Key 1 Xtool A30m Program Key 2 Xtool A30m Program Key 3 Xtool A30m Program Key 4

You don’t need to invest in the a30m if your sole purpose is to use it for programming car keys.

But a30m definitely remains a solid device and offers a lot of value without the need for a subscription license.

The A30M is the lite version of D7. The D7 has around 36 special functions now, while the A30M has 21. Another difference is that the D7 gets more updates and understandably so, since there’s an annual update cost after subscription expires.


The AP200 is all anyone needs to program keys and its less than half the price at $60. The A30M is best for bidirectional testing.