OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Adds 2022- Toyota 4A Proximity Bypass PIN

OBDSTAR released new Toyota immobilizer software update on July 31st, 2023.


Add 4A type (TMLF19T immo box) proximity add key, erase key, read immo data, make emulator key when all keys lost (no need pin code)

Vehicle List:

2022- Aqua

2022- Corolla Facelift

2022- Corolla Cross

2020- Yaris

2022- Corolla Cross Facelift

2021- Yaris Cross


Compatible devices: obdstar x300 dp plus, obdstar x300 pro4, key master dp plus, key master 5

This update requires Toyota 30 Cable and Key SIM (when all keys lost).

Toyota 30 Cable And Key Sim

This Toyota 30 cable can be used with Autel IM508 IM608, AVDI as well.

Obdstar Toyota Immo Update 1

Here is an video example on program 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross 4A proximity using OBDSTAR and 30-PIN cable.

The Toyota 30 cable can also be used to program 8A-BA proximity.


8A-BA models (equipped with TMLF19D type smart key box):

  • Sienna 2020+ (XL40)
  • Land Cruiser 2021+ (J300)
  • Harrier/Venza 2020+ (XU80)
  • RAV4 Facelift 2022+ (XA50)
  • Tundra 2021+ (XK70)

8A-BA models upgrade expected in August 2023!

With this cable, there is no need to pierce, hook, or plug and unplug harness during operation, and there is no risk of damaging communication cables!