Delphi MT80 Boot Pinout to Foxflash Ktag Flex

There are some tools to read and write GM/Geely Delphi MT80/MT80.1 ECU.

Delphi MT80 ECU usually has problems car not start, No fuel injection signals, No ignition signals, it’s a common problem can be repaired with ecu tools.

The problem is the result of the data lost of the MCU, reprogramming the MCU or change a new MCU and program it will solve the problem, device such as Foxflash, Ktag, Flex, CG100 or equivalent programmers can applied to flashing the MCU. collects pinouts to some devices.

Delphi MT 80


Delphi MT80 TC1766 pinout to Foxflash/KT200 (Boot Tricore)

Connect with the multifunction cable the following pinout and the boot shown below.
Use the driver:
→ SAK TC1766

Foxflash Dephi Mt80 Pinout 1

Foxflash Dephi Mt80 Pinout 2



Ktag 7.020 geely protcol should work.
MT80 TC1766 Boot Mode Pinout to ktag
Ktag Pinout To Delphi Mt80 1
Ktag Pinout To Delphi Mt80 2
Ktag Pinout To Delphi Mt80 3
Ktag Pinout To Delphi Mt80 4
Ktag Pinout To Delphi Mt80 5


Read EEprom + Flash very easy by can line Am29f400.

Here’s the pinout Delphi-MT60/MT80 with TRICORE shared by Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer user carcity from DK forum.

Delphi Mt60 Mt80 Vvdi Prog 5

Delphi MT60/MT80
With Tricore IC
Connection by VVDI-Prog ECU cable :
(Note: unsolder PIN 122 from PCB )

Delphi Mt60 Mt80 Vvdi Prog 1

Delphi Mt60 Mt80 Vvdi Prog 2

Delphi Mt60 Mt80 Vvdi Prog 3

Delphi Mt60 Mt80 Vvdi Prog 4



MT80 TC1766 Boot pin to Flex

Flex Dephi Mt80 Pinout 1

Flex Dephi Mt80 Pinout 2

Flex Dephi Mt80 Pinout 3


CG100 full and CAN adapter supports CAN bus repair MT80 MT60 computer Connect CAN bus arbitrary read data.

You will need an extra CAN adapter.

K-line is not supported.

Cg100 Mt80 Adapter

Cg100 Mt80 1


combiloader, chiploader, md flasher also read and write MT80 ECU.

Pinouts keep updating…