Free Download GM GDS2 V2023.05

GM GDS2 V2023.05 + Keygen and Tech2win with patch download free for GM group till year 2024.


GDS2 V2023.05 + tech2win download

2023 Deliverables and Installs – GM Global v2023.5.0 ; GM China v2023.4.4 and GDS2 version 22.4.05000.

Tech2win with patch

Gm Gds2 2023 Download

Operating system:

Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11 32 or 64 bits
Win 10 64 bits very good choice.


Security: unknown.

If need a safe resource, here is the 500G HDD Win10 64bit O/S, plug and play.

Gm Gds2 V2023 05 Software

Gm Gds2 V2023 05

Installation procedure:

All packages are noted for order of installation, from 0->9, done.

1. Install Java 32 bits version
2. Install Tis2web Connectivity
3. Install GDS2Java
4. Install GDS2
5. Add diagnostic packages in the correct location
6. Activate and lease it using gds2 keygen
7. Install GM MDI Manager
8. Start GDS2
9 Choose language.
10 Go install one of the diagnostic packages
The GDS2 will restart and then it will be ready to use it

If one of the steps went (wrong) especially then it’ll doesn’t work.



Some frequently asked questions:


Q: What hardware does it work with?

A: GM MDI/MDI2/VAS 5054A/Autel J2534/VXDIAG VCX NANO GM, GM Mongoose Pro2/Pro3, Cardaq Plus 2/3, Opel/Vauxhall VCI etc.


Q: which version of GDS 2 is newer than 100.0.00700 or 22.4.05000 (for example)?

A:  GDS2 v 100.0.00700 is European version for Opel up to 2021 and Chevy ( EU models only ) up to 2017 ( public.servicebox-parts )
GDS2 22.4.05000 is Global version that cover all the rest including Opel up to 2018 and GM Global ( NA models ) up to 2024 and the future.
This Gobal GDS2 version is the one from GM Techline. ( acedelcotds )
Both version are the last on for their regions.


Q: is this only good for europe? I am looking for gds2 for USA (NA).
A: Take care here it is EU GDS2 version including EU packages. This is not for NA/USA use.
OV GM Global is diagnostic package for Chevrolet Europe not for USA models.

But the download link adds a GDS2 Special 6 in 1 edition (with US inside) + new drivers + different Tech2Win versions.

Gds2 Special 6 In 1


Q: I have installed everything fine, but GDS2 says “no valid lease found”

A: The GDS2 keygen is activating your GDS2 and add lease unlimited too.


Q: is there any chance to use scanmatik2pro with it? Scanmatik 2 pro it’s recognized in GM GDS2 .Is there any chance to use Scanmatik 2 pro will it work with Tech2Win does not see the adapter?

A:  Scanmatik as all others are passthru devices. They work in GDS but to be able to use tech2win you need to have a special driver. That kind of driver was only aproved by gm to a short list of devices except theirs, like cardaq or mangoose but not to others.


Q: Can i Use it with Autel J2534 passthru?

A: Yes, you can.


Q: How do you know which MDI Manager to install? I dont think we are supposed to install all of them?

A:  Many use MDI-MDI2_Manager_v8.5.33.78…. Work fine with Global Tis 32 and GD2. Free to test by your side.


Q: Hi having difficulty installing GDS2 getting error “The system cannot find the file specified. -t2w-proxy.jar”



1. Uninstall Java 8
2. Uninstall Tis2 w
3. Uninstall GDS2 Java
4. Uninstall GDS2 Opel
5. Restart
6. Install Java 6u16
7. Install Tis2 w
8. Install GDS2 Java
9. Install GDS2 Opel


Q: Would the key work on the techline as well ?

A: GDS2 standalone and GDS2 in Techline works as well but in offline mode.


Q: Do we use the gds install to run these ones in the folder as selecting them through the browse doesn’t work.


*copy deliverable folders (DO NOT EXTRACT) here: C:\ProgramData\GDS 2\PersistentData\Downloads\DataBackups

*extract the deliverables you want and only copy the .xml files and install them here: C:\ProgramData\GDS 2\PersistentData\Downloads AND also install here: C:\ProgramData\GDS 2\PersistentData\Downloads\Deliverables

**when you go to manage diagnostic packages before doing the above you can click browse and you find the deliverable you want to run and then gds2 should restart automatically after gds2 restarts look at the lower left corner of the screen it shows you what version of gds2 you are running and what deliverable you are using.


Q: Before install 6 in 1 GDS2 was work well but after install 6 in 1 this dialog was appear and couldn’t connect to VIM. How can I solve this?

A:  Java or Tis2webConnectivity issues. Or both.
Reinstall item.


Q: should i unzip and copy the “jre”files on last step 9 keygen file ?

A: No, unzip the keygen (file+folder) and run it.


Q: Cannot download files?

A: If anyone sees that can’t download the files, open a free yandex account with 3 clicks, import the files to your newly created account and then download them from there.

After you finished with your download then you can remove them from there and like this you will get an account to use in the future for other shares also.