Free Download KT200 2023.01 Online & Offline Software

ECUHelp KT200 online and offline software was released to V2023.01 on Jan. 2023.


What’s new in 2023.01 version?

1. Fixed the bug that the software functions were not synchronised.

2. Optimised server connection time, high speed and convenience.

3. Fixed the problem that some models are prone to error messages when reading and writing in bench mode.

For example, EDC17 series.

4. Optimised tool checksum issues (except EDC17 series)

5. Optimised the full system function in the software function.

6. Shortened the read and write process time, more quickly.

7. Fixed the TCU response speed, some models are prone to errors in the reading and writing process.


This update is mainly a software update and no new protocols have been added.

The KT200 has always been supported by other devices that have been circulated online.

New protocol updates will be announced, so stay tuned.


free download offline setup2023:

Software contains: local server and device software

the above download source is the device software.

The local server is too big to upload on mega, it will be contained in the package of ecuhelp kt200.

Free download Online




The online and offline software is for ECUHelp KT200 programmer only.

Don’t use it with KT200 KTSuite programmer (online only).