OBDSTAR Toyota/Lexus CAN FD Direct Kit Pinout

OBDSTAR has rolled out the CAN Direct kit on Toyota Corolla, RAV4 , Highlander, Avalon, Lexus ES, RS and UX.  With the 8A/4A kit you don’t need additional licence with OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus/X300 Pro4.

Obdstar Can Direct Kit

Here is the 4A and 8A pin out for corolla, RAV4, Avalon, Highlander and your Lexus models.

2.18 = ground
3.1 = Can-H
4.2 = Can- L

Obdstar Can Direct Kit Pinout

smart ecu plug has change on the 2023. OBDSTAR added a post in the center by the release button. I’m going to snip that extra piece of plastic on a 2023 corolla cross. The CAN DIRECT cable and the online calculations are working spot on, no issue 2019 to 2022 on all (A9 A9 and AA AA) (BA BA is the newest no support).
On the plug itself only the power 12v changes.. terminal 3 is for Corolla only, and 4 is for RAV4, Avalon, 4runner, Highlander.

Obdstar Can Direct Kit 2

Obdstar Can Direct Kit Connection

OBDSTAR CAN Direct Kit Coverage and Instruction

OBDSTAR Program Toyota 2021- 4A Proximity All Keys Lost Free PIN Code

OBDSTAR CAN FD Direct Kit Review:

1).  For the last year I’ve been test the can direct cable working on all corolla without any issue. Im608 claims to it with there g box but there crash dummies have died.. smart pro has a can direct cable but not ready to be put out.

2). Corolla 4a 2019 Add smart key ok