OBDSTAR iScan BMW vs MTDIAG M1 BMW Motor Scanner

OBDSTAR iScan BMW and MTDIAG M1 which is the better BMW motorcycle scanner?

Check the table comparison below:

Mtdiag Bmw Obdstar Iscan Bmw
Operating system Based on Android 4.4 above (iOS App is under development) Stand-alone, Android 5.1.1 tablet
Full Diagnostic
Auto Scan/VIN
Read ecu information
Read trouble code
Clear trouble code
Live data
Oil reset
Calibrate ESA
Calibrate SAF
Calibrate headlight
immo key (old models with remote control only) X
Switch off transport
Action test X
ecu programmer X
Coding X
CO Adjustment X
10 pin Cable optional
Update 2 years free 1 year free
Connection method Bluetooth obd cable
Coverage BMW Motor all series: C, E, F, G, K, R, S; BMW Motor all series: C, E, F, G, K, R, S;
Function List MTDIAG M1 BMW Function List OBDSTAR iScan BMW Function List
Language English English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese
In sum:

  • MTDIAG M1 can program old BMW motor immo keys with remote control. iScan BMW does not.
  • OBDSTAR can do activation test, CO adjustment, coding and programming functions, MTDIAG does not.
  • MTDIAG has 2 years free updates. OBDSTAR 1 year only. iScan also has multi-language menus.
  • MTDIAG ($359) is much cheaper than OBDSTAR ($499)
  • MTDIAG is an entry-level BMW motorbike scanner for DIYers. OBDSTAR iscan is a professional BMW motor diagnostic scan tool.
  • To program BMW keys, better go for higher level MS80/MS50+ IMMO kit/ X300 DP Plus+ Immo kit.