BMW E-Sys Launcher PRO V2.8.2 Free Source

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E-Sys Launcher PRO V2.8.2 Build 162

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E Sys Launcher Pro V2 8 2 01

E Sys Launcher Pro V2 8 2 02

With E-Sys Launcher PRO V2.8.2,what you can do?

  1. Launcher version 2.8 can only successfully code vehicles up to 2017 (F Series) it is not compatible with newer versions and will not read the data correctly.

Launcher PRO 3.x has updated CAFD Mapping database.  You can still use 2.8.2, but newer CAFD may be trimmed.


  1. Launcher PRO has no PSdZData version limitation, it has only an E-Sys version limitation.


  1. *** activation date to 04/2020

Method consiste to install all sw in VM and locking date


  1. use esys 3.28.xx with the launcher pro v2.8.2 at mini cooper f55 (istufe 2019)
    with latest psdz data full & works fine/


  1. Not working on VM. You must use a native PC.


  1. All works fine on windows 10 latest build. haven`t noticed any issues at all.


  1. launcher pro 2.8.2 build 162″ can read some modules like ACSM, DME, or ASD. But, the rest will not work.


  1. Install stable esys 3.27.1 and psdzdata (lite is enough for test/coding). Then test function and connection to car. When its running fine you can use launcher for coding.


  1. launcher 3.27.1 uses JRE 7 x64 and 3.28.1 or newer uses JRE 8 x64.


  1. E-Sys running with ENET data cable perfectly.

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