Fixed! 2007 Lexus LS460 Front Two Wheel Hubs Replaced Have VSC Lights on

Car model and year: 2007 LS 460 Base model


Symptom: I have had the front two wheel hubs replaced , however I have the VSC, ABS and AFS Off lights on. I used BlueDriver ODD II Bluetooth scanner to get trouble code C1236 LEXUS – Foreign Object Attached On Tip Of Left Front Sensor. When I clear the code it comes right back when I drive the car.

Code is coming back because the problem is still not solved.


What to do next?

Thinking about also ordering a Mini VCI Toyota Techstream cable so I can see more detailed facts about the code.


Last night I did not have time to jack up the car and put a multimeter to the wire harness connector at the ABS sensor, so I did some other troubleshooting.
I opened the fuse box on the passenger side and checked all the fuses and they all seemed in tact none were blown.

Then I tried looking at the ABS ECU connectors but could not fully pull it and disconnect all the connectors and clean it, so I decided to pull the grey connector that sits on top of it. Once I did that I started the car to see what I got and I got the message of “Break Malfunction pull over immediately…” you know the message.
So that tells me that that ECU is working as it should, I shut the car off , plugged the connector back and started the car again and that message went away.

As noted before I plan on checking the voltage to the connector for the correct reading to eliminate that, if it reads correct then it must be the sensor itself and I will have to pay to get the hub taken off and replaced. (my garage tool arsenal is not that vast!).


I ordered the part off of RockAuto so I want to exhaust all the possibilities.
The shop just installed the part, I have a re-order/warranty replacement on standby from RockAuto but will still have to pay for labor.


This is where Toyota TIS Techstream would really help you out.